Creating a website that works for your target audience

Web design
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Running a small business nowadays generally comes hand in hand with setting up a website and operating online – whether you dabble in Ecommerce alongside your tangible brick and mortar store’s operations, or whether you work entirely online. But while creating a website is now an absolute basic for business owners, it’s not necessarily easy to get spot-on first time round. You really do need to put a fair amount of thought into your page to ensure it works for your customers. Here are a few areas you might want to focus on to get started on the right foot.

Web Design

Studies show that the majority of people decide whether they’re staying on a website or not within a matter of seconds, so you need to make sure that anyone who lands on your page wants to stay. The easiest way to achieve this is to create Cheap Websites and then invest in web design. Web design helps to ensure that your page looks good. Make sure the colour scheme aligns with your branded colours and create a good balance between helping your page appear interesting without being overwhelming. Limit your colour palette, make sure the majority of any given page is white or another neutral colour and put plenty of focus on your landing page, as this is where you’ll make your first impression.


Next you need to consider user experience or “UX”. People who land on your webpage need to be able to find their way around easily. This means products, shipping info, FAQs, contact details and other relevant information should be easy to find. As long as you make navigating your site simple and straightforward, users will be more likely to have a positive experience with your webpage and are consequently going to be more likely to spend, recommend your brand to others, and come back time and time again.


Product photography can make or break your profits. You may find yourself tempted to take your own product photos on your phone in a bid to save money. However, you really should consider investing in the services of a professional product photographer. They’ll have the eye and the equipment necessary to show off your products in their best light.


Make sure your product descriptions stand out. Make sure you have blog posts that engage your audience. Create an intriguing “about page” that lets people know what you and your brand are all about. Copy is important when it comes to creating a stand out website. Don’t neglect it!

Don’t cut corners when it comes to creating your website. It’s your main point of contact with your target audience and you need to make sure you leave a positive and lasting impression in their minds to sell as many products as possible. This is a real area of investment and something you should put plenty of time into. Once you nail it, all of the time, effort and resources invested will prove more than worth it!