Corbyn makes PMQs debut with public’s questions

After his resounding victory, Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party, made his debut at the infamous Prime Minister’s Questions time today and attempted a different approach to the session.

Mr Corbyn stated that with this being his first PMQs session he wished to carry out events differently and so sent out an email to party supporters inviting them to reply with questions they would like him to ask the Prime Minister Mr Cameron. Receiving 40,000 replies Mr Corbyn selected six to ask Mr Cameron, covering housing to the mental health service cuts.

In his opening speech Mr Corbyn declared his wish for PMQs to be “less theatrical”, echoing Mr Cameron who promised to end the “Punch and Judy” style of politics. Consequently this session appeared much calmer.

Mr Cameron congratulated Mr Corbyn on his victory and welcomed him to the front bench before answering the questions set out. The two leaders were often in agreement on points, both stating more affordable housing was needed and improvements needed to be made to mental health services.

The session appeared to be a success for both parties, but in particular for Mr Corbyn personally who stood tall in the houses today.

Mr Corbyn was both praised and criticised by the public for his performance today, as seen on Twitter. There was certainly applause for his choice to use questions from the public.

Some though were underwhelmed by Mr Corbyn’s performance.

Others congratulated Mr Corbyn on his performance, and there were plenty of mentions about that Isle of Wight tiger question!

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