Consider a powerline adapter for that extra boost

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Most families are made up of least a couple of people that use Wi-Fi in one way or another, and making sure that internet access is fast and reliable is essential and for most usually a simple process but in those homes that are larger or have thick walls Wi-Fi may not reach every corner.

That can prove to be a big problem, especially when you need the internet for different purposes. Just imagine having a student using the internet for course work or revision whilst another family member is trying for a win at new online slot sites? 

Online slot sites are both entertaining and enjoyable, and with great bonus offers to consider taking up playing on them is not a quiet option – not really the optimal setting for families getting along well together.

To solve this problem without running wires through your house you do have the option to powerline network which uses the existing electrical wires already in your walls as a type of improvised network. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of devices that will let you do this and they are great for extending the network in those homes where the existing router is not enough as well as connecting devices that don’t support Wi-Fi like games consoles or smart TVs. Using a device (powerline adapter) will also provide homes with a faster network connection to those rooms where running an ethernet cable isn’t practical. 

Powerline adapters usually come in starter packs of two although you can obviously purchase more to extend your network around your house, but you need to make sure that all of your devices are compatible.  Usually the adapters will be plugged into the walls near to the devices that require a connection, and at least one of them needs to be able to connect to a router, they are not an alternative to a router. 

Another great point about powerline adapters is that most of them offer some form of encryption and even if you forget to use it most signals will not make it outside of your home, signals are scrambled by transformers so even if your neighbour were to buy a compatible device, they could not use your connection. 

One really important point is to make sure that you buy the same make and model every time as the companies who make powerline adapters are in direct competition with each other so many are not compatible with each other.

Using powerline adapters in your home means that you can enjoy complete harmony (maybe not complete) within your home as one family member can now do their research in a quiet room whilst the other can play on their favourite slots site without the worry of disturbing anyone else.

Problem solved!