Clinique Skincare Routine

It is so important to look after your skin from a young age but I must admit, I am quite forgetful and lazy (especially with 9am starts) so I don’t always get chance to go through my full skincare routine each day. Luckily, now that summer is here and I’ve got a break from lectures, it means I have a lot more free time and time for myself, so I thought I would share with you my everyday skincare routine.

My go-to products

I have sensitive skin so I use Clinique products as I know they work well for my skin, with no irritations and I don’t end up looking like a tomato. I know they aren’t the cheapest products on the market and they also sadly, aren’t cruelty free but it is what I have used for the past few years now. I also used to get staff discount which means I have a massive stash to get through before I can justify spending more money on another brand.

The morning routine

As soon as I wake up I always give my face a once over with a make-up wipe. I don’t have a particular brand that I use, sometimes it’s No7, sometimes it’s Boots’ own or even Primark’s own brand – just whatever I have to hand. I know make-up wipes can be tough on your skin, so I only do this lightly to make my face feel fresher.

Then I go in with my scrub. I use the Clinique 7 Day Scrub (£20 for 100ml) to exfoliate my skin and get it ready for my main skincare products.

On a day to day basis if I don’t feel the need to exfoliate I will just use my Clinique 3-Step. This consists of a facial wash, a clarifying lotion and a moisturiser. You can get these for different skin types and they come in a set of three. (£20 for a small set.) This works well for me and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised.

Finally I use my Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage Rollerball (£24 for 15ml) which is my ultimate go-to product. When I run out of my Clinique stash and move onto a cruelty free skincare brand I am pretty sure I’ll be tempted to still buy this, as it really helps to de-puff my eyes and give me a wide awake look. If I don’t have time in the morning to put on makeup or go through my skincare routine, then it’s a perfect quick fix to make my face feel fresher.

I also use their Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream (£40 for 50ml) to relax the red tone of my skin and make me look paler. This is great and really works for my cheeks the most. It makes me feel less self-conscious about getting red cheeks, especially in the winter winds.

The evening routine

My evening routine is very similar to my morning one, however I start off by using Clinique’s Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser to help remove any make-up I might have on. Then I go through exactly the same process I use in the morning with the exfoliator and 3-Step.

I sometimes won’t moisturise at night if it is warm, so I don’t wake up with oily skin. I also skip the rollerball and redness solution in the evening.

So that’s it! It is a process that takes a lot of time and effort when you wake up early in the morning and it’s hard not to be tempted to crawl into bed forgetting about it at night, but I definitely notice the difference.

Clinique isn’t the most student friendly when it comes to price, but their products do go a long way, with their small 3 Step Set lasting around three months. It isn’t cruelty free which really does bring this brand down and is the main reason why I am looking for a new brand but for now this is the routine I’m sticking to.

Are you a fan of Clinique products? Do you have any skincare favourites you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below.