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Christmas Decorating on a tight Student Budget

Written by tayfleisch

Since everyone loves to get into the Christmas spirit at least two months early, why wait until you get home to hang the stockings and trim the tree?

Since everyone loves to get into the Christmas spirit at least two months early, why wait until you get home to hang the stockings and trim the tree? There are cheap and easy ways to celebrate an early Christmas with your housemates and decorate your house accordingly.

The Tree

This will probably be the most expensive decoration you buy, but it would be hard to have Christmas without it! Argos has a 6ft, fake tree for just £9.99. When living in a house of 3 or more, splitting the price won’t even end up being that much and the best part is that since it’s fake it can be stored away for next year.


Since a fake tree sitting in your heatless living room doesn’t sound too exciting, you’ll need to get some baubles. Luckily, Wilkinson offers packs of 20 for just £2.00 in a large variety of colours. If your wallet is feeling particularly light you could rummage through the local 99p store and possibly find some suitable, non-broken baubles. If all else fails, you can hang random, pretty objects you find lying around the house and maybe even some pictures.

Fairy Lights

Nothing makes a room cozier than some fairy lights. If you don’t have any around the house already then ASDA sell strings of 50 lights in multiple colours for £8.00. This will be one of the higher priced items on the list, but also another thing that can be reused and not just during Christmastime. Again there are chances some could probably be scoured from the 99p store, but it is doubtful whether or not they will actually work.


Tinsel can be found almost anywhere that sells Christmas decorations and probably for no more than £1.00. Since this will most likely be disposed of after one Christmas, unless you take extra good care of it, it’s a good idea to not go too crazy with buying it. Whatever tinsel you buy will be around 4 metres long and can always be cut up if you want to put it in a few different spots around the room and just adds that little bit of sparkle.

Paper Snowflakes

All decorations don’t need to be bought, it’s always more fun when some are handmade. Besides being a nice way to get together with your housemates and decorate for Christmas it offers a great distraction from doing your uni work and a way to recycle used paper. If you’re a perfectionist you can find step-by-step instructions on constructing paper snowflakes HERE or simply fold up some paper and cut away! Hanging these up around the house just make everything feel a bit more Christmas-y.


Most student houses don’t have fireplaces, but that’s no reason to not have stockings. Amazon sells £1.00 stockings, but if you don’t have time to wait for a delivery then ASDA have some for £2.00. However, hanging up your prettiest socks will work just as well.

Scented Candles

While it isn’t worth burning down your house for some mood lighting and nice smells, scented candles can be really nice when used in moderation. Tesco sells packs of 27 scented tea lights for just £1.89 or a pack of 100 plain tea lights for £2.00 if you’re not interested in the smell. Individual, larger scented candles will be a bit more pricey, at least £2.00 or over, but are worth it if you want that extra special touch. Just make sure not to leave it burning when you’re not there and be careful what surface you leave it on.

Christmas Cards

As you receive Christmas cards and give them to each other, or even get handed Christmas themed flyers around uni, hang them up. These are simple yet lovely little decorations that will add a nice touch to any room completely for free. Another way to add a bit of decoration to the wall is by drawing some Christmas pictures of your own. I know we’re all in uni, but everyone loves a good craft night now and then.

Now get into a onesie, put on some Christmas music and voila, you’ve got yourself a cozy, festive house!