Cameron warns thousands of refugees may enter UK if we leave EU

A spokesman for David Cameron has warned thousands of refugees could flock to Britain from France “overnight” if voters decide to leave the European Union, in a statement underlining the Prime Minister’s view that Brexit would hurt the UK’s security.

The spokesman added that leaving the EU could harm an agreement with France that enables British border guards to make immigration checks in France rather than over in the UK, by putting Britain’s border in towns such as Calais, rather than in UK port towns. The refusal of permission to enter the UK legitimately at these check points has led to the ‘jungle’ in Calais as desperate migrants camp there waiting for a chance to get to the UK.

At a later news conference, Cameron said the renegotiated EU agreement was a good deal for Britain, and one he would fight to keep saying, “If … we can stay in a reformed Europe, you know what you get.”

“You know that the borders stay in Calais, you know that we have a seat determining the rules when it comes to the future of Europe, you know we have that vital information whether it’s about terrorists or criminals traveling around Europe because we are part of those organizations.”

Adding there were, “a lot of opposition politicians” in France who would like to rip up the agreement allowing UK border checks in France, leading to the opening of gates to refugees living in France entering the UK. “I don’t want to give people an excuse to do that.” he said.

Cameron supports the plan by European Council President Donald Tusk to keep Britain in the 28-member bloc, saying his deal is the best deal for Britain, providing the other member states agree. If he can get their support, he will campaign to stay in the EU.

However, those in favour of a British exit from the EU say the latest warning had been choreographed to foster fear in voters.

Arron Banks, the co-founder of Leave.EU has accused the Prime Minister of “scaremongering”. Pointing out, ”The agreement we have to process migrants in Calais is with France, not the EU. There is no reason for this to change on leaving the EU.”