Brand Insight: Dethleffs Motorhomes

Dethleffs motorhomes
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Dethleffs has become a world-renowned brand, established in its creation of comfortable motorhomes for you and your family. More than 80 years ago, Arist Dethleffs decided he wanted to take his family with him while he was promoting his business; this resulted in the creation of a home on wheels. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength, becoming a household name that is still highly prevalent today. Innovative and creative, Dethleffs motorhomes began as a traditional manufacturer creating caravans before moving on to motorhomes, entering the 21st century with ease.

Brand timeline

In 1931, the first recreational vehicle under the Dethleffs name was built. Arist Dethleffs wanted his family to travel with him during his business trips; he named it ‘Wohnauto’. During the following years, the first caravans were built to order in a wooden shed; this was the beginning of something big!

Dethleffs motor homes

30 years later, in 1961, the first production line for caravans was established. Dethleffs focused on one particular model known as the ‘Camper’. The company worked on this and ensured it was of a high standard, before branching out in the 1970s to include a range of 5 models. The most successful models of Dethleffs motorhomes at this time included the Camper, Tourist, Comfort and Globetrotter.

The success of the company resulted in building a new factory with over 200 employees. Dethleffs then successfully created its first motorhome; becoming the first German manufacturer to use the Fiat Ducato chassis as a basis. The brand proves itself and becomes an innovator in the production of motorhomes.

The 1990s saw a new company philosophy, putting the family first. In 1995, the slogan ‘a friend of the family’ was introduced, along with an approach that put the customer’s needs first. Its top model, named ‘Arist’, was introduced, along with its Premium class. Dethleffs motorhomes set a new standard of design and functionality.

Dethleffs continues to succeed today, winning awards and introducing new ranges for our families to enjoy. Moving forward from production to including a sense of community within the brand, they have developed over the decades to bring worldwide comfort to those wanting to travel.

Dethleffs philosophy

High tech developments over the years have enabled Dethleffs to bring us the best experience possible. With so many advantages helping you to gain more out of your Dethleffs motorhome, the company also introduced the Family Foundation. This was set up in 2004 to allow families in need, or in social institutions, to enjoy a caravanning holiday.

Dethleffs created its 80,000th motorhome during its 80th anniversary, which was auctioned off with proceeds going towards the Family Foundation.

With a huge array of awards under their belt, Dethleffs motorhomes have collected over 80 years of experience in creating motorhomes that work for every family dynamic. Its Lifetime Plus deal ensures you benefit from the design and construction; providing a rot-free, long-lasting creation.

Comfort and safety remain the two most important factors, utilising the latest technology to create a healthy interior climate for you and your family. Complete with sleeping comfort thanks to ergonomic frames and bedding, Dethleffs motorhomes have designed great functionality for every aspect.