BEAUTY REVIEW: TIGI Bed Head resurrection twin pack

Kettle Mag: Rae Coppola
Written by Rae Coppola

This time of year tends to dry out skin and lips, but it also affects our hair. The cold air and humidity zaps out the moisture. This is especially the case following a winter hair colour makeover – things like dye and bleach can weaken the individual strands and make them look lifeless.

However, the TIGI Bed Head ‘rehab for hair’ shampoo and conditioner duo* claims to rehabilitate brittle, damaged hair, with long lasting results, as well as smoothing, adding shine, and offering protection from heat.

I put it to the test.

First impressions:

The most noticeable thing about the product is the sheer ‘epic size’ of it. At 750ml per bottle, there will be no need to re-purchase for months, especially since a small amount seems to lather, expand and cover every bit of hair it comes into contact with. However, I also noticed that the opening mechanism was different to the usual TIGI Bed Head range, as rather than a pump, it uses a push down bottle cap. This essentially means that that the user can control how much product comes out and vary it to suit their needs.

Once opened, the papaya and goji berry scent indulges the senses and a spa like feel ensues when you opt to wash your hair. It's nice, but not overpowering, and leaves hair smelling fresh, clean and fruity.


My hair is naturally long, thick and curly, meaning that it takes a considerable amount of time to tame. It also tends to go rather frizzy, and break very easily, due to both humidity and heat damage.

However, after three uses, my hair feels noticeably softer and mainly tangle free. It is also in a much better state of repair – I can run my hands through it without strands falling out. The nourishing treatment has seemingly cured my damaged hair, and in doing so, tamed the dryness which was causing the frizz.

If you also have dry, damaged or brittle hair, I would recommend leaving the product on for at least five minutes, at least once a week, remembering to focus on the ends. This deep conditioning session would add moisture and make the hair become stronger, healthier and best yet, shinier.


I will most definitely be repurchasing the brand in the future, but may opt for the dry/damaged ‘rehab for hair’ type to compare the two. Despite usually retailing at £29.95 on the high street and official TIGI website, the set can be purchased for only £12.99 in store and online at QD Stores. The luxury brand is great value for money, especially considering the size of the bottles, and the cost of buying a higher quantity of smaller, lesser known shampoos and conditioners.


*Kettle Mag were sent the product in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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