Around the world with Tayler Finnegan

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Written by Tayler Finnegan

A strong desire to pack your suitcase and get the first flight to anywhere around the world can be tempting and everyone’s travel list can be full of some great countries they wish to travel too. Our Travel feature, “Around the World”, gives us a glimpse into the places and countries our editors here at Kettle travelled too.

This week, we have a look at the places our TV Editor Tayler Finnegan has been too.

What countries have you been to so far?

America, Spain, Ireland, and Greece.

What is your preferred choice of transport? (Train, aeroplane, ferry, car…)

I love really experiencing the journey, so I would have to say train. There’s something special about watching the world go by as you take your adventure- especially if you stare out of the window listening to the soundtrack of your life and pretending you’re in a film. Everyone does that, right?

Would you prefer a winter or a summer vacation?

I’ve only ever been on holiday in summer, but a skiing holiday in winter would be incredible.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I’d love to travel the length of the USA. The vastness of the country fascinates me so an American road trip is definitely on my bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to feel like Britney Spears in Crossroads?

Your top 5 countries are?

The five I’d love to go to include the Bahamas, South Africa, Italy, Brazil and Australia.

Who is would be or is your ideal travel companion and why?

My ideal companions are definitely a group of close friends. It is so reassuring knowing you will be travelling with people you can really enjoy the time with.

What is your favourite or worst moment whilst on holiday?

My favourite moment whilst on holiday has to be when I visited the Greek island of Rhodes last summer. Sitting on the beach with my best friends – who just happen to be the funniest people I know- cocktail in hand, is a memory I will cherish forever.

How long do you go tend to go on holiday for?

I usually go for a week, which I think is a good length of time. Any longer and there’s a serious risk that I won’t want to leave!

What activities do you like to do whilst on holiday? (Sunbathe, hiking, surfing..)

When on holiday I like to strike a balance of sightseeing and absorbing local culture with some much-needed rest and recuperation.

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