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Are smartphones a smart choice for students?

Calling all of you students out there! Yes, you there with the phone, the one who seems to be obsessed with taking selfies.

Calling all of you students out there! Yes, you there with the phone, the one who seems to be obsessed with taking selfies. Put down your smartphone and read what Kettle has to say about your generation’s addiction.

The new digital age

It’s true that we are living in the era of the smartphone as now these remarkable gadgets can do just about anything apart from washing the kitchen sink, though there is probably an app for that too.

No matter where you are, we see smartphones everywhere and, according to a survey, it is mostly students who are using these hand-held computers. Smartphones are now so integral to our everyday routines that they may as well be a replacement for pets – remember those four legged, furry cute things that you needed to look after every day?

Now we are looking after our smartphones, feeding them (charging), washing them (with a new handy screen cleaner), playing with them and even sleeping with them!  Even I have been guilty of doing this, staying up all night on my phone to catch-up on Breaking Bad or watch Charlieissocoollike on YouTube till the early hours.

Even cafés have started to cater for the consumer’s growing additional need by providing smartphone facilities. For example, Starbucks in America have created wireless charging stations.  It is said they will provide a power mat spots, which will effectively act as a special table where customers can sit whilst charging their device on the wireless station.

Blessing or curse?

It appears that smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in our lives.

Now don’t get me wrong smartphones are a great resource for people, especially for students.  There are times where at university or college when there may not be a computer handy, so having a smart device is great as it means you can do some quick research on an assignment that you should have finished ages ago. 

While there may be distractions like Flappy Bird, Facebook and Snapchat, the smartphone holds the answer to every question the student wants to know, that is to say that smartphones have access to Google, so why not make the most of it! 

There are often problems with using the internet at university as there not may be Wi-Fi available or sometimes it can be intermittent but a visit to your local cafe is an easy solution where you can finish off your work and hand it in just on time. Even universities have developed their websites where you can access the library books online or download it via the QR scanner app on your mobiles.

The smartphone is great tool for students. Whilst it may be making people antisocial and creating a culture that will be a pain in the virtual arse to reverse, for students, it is a great way to alleviate that stress just that little bit and make life easier. It’s simple really. 

What do you think? Are smartphones essential to student life or are they a distraction you could do without? Have your say in the comments section below.

Image: Jhaymesisviphotography / Flickr