Apple iOS 13: What’s new?

iphone ios13
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Scheduled for release in the fall, iOS 13 will add new features, enhance existing apps and resolve bugs across your Apple devices. With increased functionality and a slew of new extras to explore, iOS 13 is sure to attract new users to Apple and cement the loyalty of existing Apple aficionados. So, what can we look forward to with iOS 13 this fall?

Increased Security

Determined to give users the privacy they crave, you’ll have more control over your data than ever before with iOS 13. As well as critical control over location-using apps, you’ll have easier control over apps which share your location online or with other people. Similarly, Apple has made changes to their API to ensure you retain control over your location permissions when you’re using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The innovative Hide My Email feature will ensure you don’t have to use your real email address to log in to apps. Instead, Apple will create a unique email address on your behalf and forward the content to your real address. Giving you an extra layer of protection and keeping your details private, Hide My Email is bound to be one of the most-used features in iOS 13.

All-new Camera app

iCloud Photos is already well-used, but extended features and a whole new Camera app mean it has just got even better. Increased security ensures your iCloud Photos can be stored securely, without taking up data on your phone. Furthermore, you’ll have new options when it comes to displaying, categorizing and storing your photos.

A new Screen Recordings folder will automatically collate screen recordings as they’re taking, ensuring seamless storage for all media, and editing your photos will be simply and increasingly effective. Whether you want to enhance a photo, reduce noise or add a funny filter, you’ll have a whole new editing tab to explore.

With iCloud storage making it easy and secure to store your photos and transfer them to your Mac, you can take, edit, store and share iCloud photos more easily, and you can even assign control to other users if you want to share access with them.

Added Shortcuts

Automation isn’t just the future, it’s already here. With Apple’s added shortcuts, your iPhone will be more intuitive and user-friendly than you can imagine. You’ll be able to set up your own shortcuts and customize them to fit your needs. In addition to this, your iPhone will suggest relevant shortcuts, based on your usage. With increased automation, iOS 13 will make sure you get the most out of your device, whether you use it for work or play.

Dark Mode

iOS 13 will introduce the all-new Dark Mode, and it’s sure to be a hit. Choose when to trigger it or schedule your device to switch to Dark Mode as the sun rises and sets, and you’ll have access to the perfect mode for low-lighting conditions. If you’re checking social media before you turn in for the night or keeping an eye on your emails in the theatre, for example, Dark Mode will be easier on your eyes and ensure those nearby aren’t disturbed.