Amir Khan granted payday bout against Floyd Mayweather

Written by AndrewMusgrove1

The 2nd October 2013 may not go down in history as a significant date, it may be remembered as the day legendary author Tom Clancy passed away at the age of 66 but apart from that sad news, this da

The 2nd October 2013 may not go down in history as a significant date, it may be remembered as the day legendary author Tom Clancy passed away at the age of 66 but apart from that sad news, this date is largely insignificant for many.

However that being said, this date could go down for many sports fans as the moment Bolton born boxer Amir Khan set the ball rolling that would eventually run right over his boxing career. The 2004 Olympic silver medallist has finally agreed a deal to face Floyd Mayweather, in a fight worth at least $200m. The two will meet in Las Vegas on May 3rd and many are sceptical about Khan’s chances to defeat Mayweather who has defeated all 45 of his previous opponents, knocking out 26 of them in a career that has span nearly two decades. The current WBC welterweight, (super) super welterweight, super welterweight and diamond welterweight champion (these belts confuse me, let’s just all agree: he’s very good) is largely regarded as the best toe-to-toe fighter of his generation and will head into this fight as the overwhelming favourite.

Khan had been set to face IBF welterweight champion (there are too many belts right!) Devon Alexander before pulling out as an agreement to face Mayweather became imminent, but many question how he has jumped straight to the front of the queue. Khan who has lost two of his last four bouts for many has not earned the opportunity to face Mayweather, who as-well as being the greater boxer of his weight is quite frankly the most bankable of opponents. Khan is set to make at least $6m. The 26-year-old was knocked out by Lamont Peterson in December 2011 losing the WBA (super) and IBF Light welterweight titles and then was handed another defeat in July 2012 by Danny Garcia, missing the chance to win the WBC Championship. Khan sought a new trainer and returned to beat Carlos Molina and Julio Diaz, despite being knocked to the canvas in the fourth-round by the latter.

Does Khan have any chance?

There is no doubting that the former two-time world champion will be the massive underdog going into this fight but his speed and agility may hand Mayweather some problems – who has history of struggling in early rounds against speedy fighters, although Khan will have to do more than ever before to defeat this champion. Mayweather has the staying power and stamina to stand up to the speed and movement of Khan and his style of cumulative shots, that being biding his time and gradually working to a succession of hard hits may prove too much for Khan. However the age difference is an important consideration, a decade between the two and the lifestyle that the two lead could have some impact. Khan has promised his trainer, Virgil Hunter that he will knuckle down and put nothing but 100% into his training after worries were raised over distractions of the celebrity lifestyle.

While of course this fight will be billed as a blockbuster and come with all the glitz and jazz that accompanies Las Vegas when all the dust has settled it comes down to one of the best boxers of our generation and arguably a man not fit to lick his boots.

By agreeing to this fight, jumping the queue to what many people have labelled the Mayweather ‘money train’ Khan has set himself up for a fall, as the underdog few are expecting him to win but the question will be asked if he loses, and loses badly – just where Khan would go from there. Its many months away and Khan’s determination to put on a show, to win and above all else reclaim some of his reputation may hand him an advantage but make no mistake that Mayweather will not go easy on the Brit, a lesson will be dealt if Khan makes one mistake. Despite his one-time potential and relative success Khan will need some sort of miracle to get out of this one alive. Maybe he could share a protein shake with compatriot David Haye and ask for some advice on how to deal with total annihilation on a world stage, they could swap excuses.

Sadly for Khan though this could very well be a career ending match.