Airport Dress Code

Your suitcase is packed and you’re ready for the adventure of the summer. All that separates you and your dream destination is the flight. Some of us hate airports, some of us love them, and none of us can avoid them. One’s for sure – they are places of endless waiting, terrible sleeping conditions and no shower. Dressing up for a flight can be tricky, unless you’re under 12 and decide to wear your pyjamas or you just don’t care. For those who still care and want to earn some style points in airport, here are some suggestions how to deal with the horror.

Everything off, everything on


Pretty much the first thing you’re asked to do after you’ve checked-in your luggage is to take off your clothes in passport control. Not everything of course, but surely your hat, jacket and shoes. Your keys, belt and metal jewellery should not go with you through the metal detector as well. The best thing to do to make your passport control as smooth as possible is to reduce the amount of items you have to take off. For example pack your jacket in your luggage and wear a sweater instead. If your belt is just for a decoration then it’s also better to leave it in the luggage with your statement jewellery. You’ll be faster and happier.

Leave on the hat- attempts to cram it into your suitcase will not end nice.

Choose carefully which shoes you put on in the morning. The best is to slip into pretty slippers, cute ballerinas or beach sandals. Try to exclude everything that needs shoe spoon or has too many strings. I still remember that one time when my sister had to take off her long Dr. Martens boots- it took forever. Gladiator sandals are also not advisable.

Be always prepared for crazy stuff. For example when I had braids years ago the airport stuff decided to search through my hairdo.


Sitting everywhere, a lot

Maybe you have a long flight or a long layover? Maybe the airport is so small that they don’t have enough chairs for everyone? Panick not. Plan first. Avoid anything that could get wrinkles or instead of looking trendy you’ll just look trashy. I wouldn’t recommend pleated skirts or dresses. Pencil or mini skirt is not the best either. Remember- it can happen that you need to sit on the floor. You don’t want your skirt to tear or reveal everything, do you? In fact try to avoid anything too skinny. So, what do travellers wear when they may end up sitting on the floor? They wear printed pants that are loose, comfy and feel almost like pyjamas, but look so much better. Besides, you can dress it up or down, exactly how you feel like. Cute full skirt midi-dresses are also great option. You can move your legs without being worried to reveal too much.


No shower

For longer flights, ten hour layovers or delays one thing you have to be prepared for is no shower situation. My quick tips for that is dry shampoo and deodorant. Dry shampoo makes your hair look little bit better without using water. Deodorant part is little bit trickier. Basically, wear tank top and sneak into the toilet every now and then. When there are nobody, splash your armpits with water and soap and use deodorant afterwards. It’s not a shower, but makes you feel little bit better at least. For the ones who sweat a lot- wear something with no sleeves and have extra t-shirt in your hand luggage. At least you have something to change into when it gets too unbearable.


Hot & cold

The most disturbing things about taking flights are the temperature changes. Rainy England versus tropical Tenerife, nice warm airport versus freezing plane. What to wear? Layers can definitely be helpful here. Remember that sweater? Now, it’ll be useful. Also think which part of your body gets cold most easily? Are they your feet? Tuck pair of socks in your hand luggage. Do you get often cough or sore throat? Scarf can help you. My advice is to keep a huge scarf in your hand luggage. It doesn’t have to be thick. A summery scarf is good enough. It comes extra handy when you have to spend a night in airport. At least you have something to cover yourself.



My ten hour flight coming back from India had reached to its end. I was enjoying the view to London while sipping my morning coffee. Finally we landed. I stood up and poured the last bit of my cup on my printed pants. I didn’t have extra clothes in my hand luggage. What saved me? The fact that my pants were dark and with patterns- the coffee stain didn’t even show. So, it’s never bad idea to wear something dark clothes with lots of patterns, especially when you are less lucky than me and spill coffee on you just before your layover.