A rapid route to fresh faced morning beauty that we should all know about.

Written by Lou Locket

In my moments of morning madness, I often find myself complaining to my mum that I should have been born a boy. Whilst I hasten to complain, and of course, I love the femininity that comes with being a woman, there are times when I can’t help but think that being a boy would be so much easier. No periods, no childbirth, no chocolate cravings, no hormones. Definitely easier. During weekends and holidays, I love nothing more than sitting cross-legged in front of my mirror, taking my face on a make-up adventure and transforming my look from pretty and girly to dramatically glamorous depending upon how I am feeling. During the working week, however, I spend precisely ten tragic minutes applying my make-up, desperately attempting to conjure my hair into a respectable style and throwing on anything remotely fashionable. There are days when I catch a glimpse of myself and think; actually, i’m looking pretty darn good today! Unfortunately, on the contrary, I also experience many a day during which I wish and wish that the ground would swallow me whole. I often wonder how many other women in the world dream of a morning routine consisting simply of the wash and go method so easily executed by men. I can’t help but imagine how wonderful it must be to indulge in those precious extra twenty minutes of uninterrupted slumber in the mornings. Instead, I find myself frantically dashing about my bedroom in an effort to make myself look beautiful (or, at the very least, human).

I finally decided that enough was enough. Mornings are exhausting enough without the additional pressure of making ourselves look fabulous. I took to the Google tab of my browser (with notebook firmly in hand) and began to hunt for those wonderful little hacks that were surely sent from heaven to make the lives of women so much simpler. And, that would hopefully make my morning regime even a little less traumatic. I soon found myself furiously scribbling various notes on the perfect winged liner, 2-in-1 blusher/lipgloss and, my favourite, speedy contouring tips. If, like me, you find your morning routine more strenuous than pampering, look no further than these handy little tips sure to make your wake up make-up regime a luxury. They have certainly worked for me!

The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Pretty, winged eyeliner can transform any look from plain to chic with the simple swish of a wand. Literally. These six simple steps performed by the lovely Dani Hawley for Pocketful of Dreams beautifully demonstrate how easily the perfect winged eye can be achieved. This guide is perfect for those particularly stressful mornings, during which you find yourself running late, but in urgent need of a chic beauty fix. 

For a subtle yet sultry look, simply apply your favourite creamy shadow to the entire eyelid. Using darker shades, frame the outer-eye and manipulate lighter shades to open up the inner-eye, before applying the classic winged liner. For a more dramatic effect, simply add your favourite strip of false lashes. This is the perfect look for a night out, or for that all important interview. 

Simpler eyeliner application


The fabulous minds of Cosmopolitan have uncovered the perfect solution for difficult-to-apply pencil liner. Simply hold your black, white, burgundy (or whichever colour you may wish to use) kohl pencil under the flame of a match or lighter for a second or two. Allow the pencil to cool for fifteen seconds to avoid injury, and then witness the consistency of your liner change before your very eyes. You will find that your newly-gelled liner will glide effortlessly across the eye, leaving behind a beautiful, silky smooth line in an instant!

Cara-worthy Eyebrows On The Go

Cara Delevingne has quickly established herself as the queen of the brow and as a result, more girls than ever are queuing up for their very own dose of HD brow therapy. If Cara-worthy brows were achievable in just five minutes, we would all have our very own set pulling us through those long, less-than-fashionable days. Luckily, the NARS squad are ahead of the game, armed with the perfect ‘perfect brow’ solution. The Brow Perfecter, a super-blendable propeller pencil, fills in brows quickly and evenly without leaving any harsh lines behind, and is just £16.50. This lovely creation means that girls everywhere can finally (and super quickly) achieve gorgeous brows that even Cara herself would be proud of. 

Baby Doll Kiss and Blush

For those admirable, on-the-go kind of women who cleverly manage to coordinate their driving and lipgloss application. Yves Saint Laurent are making their job a little bit easier with their fabulous lip and cheek combination. This gorgeous tint, available in various shades, looks divine on the lips and soft on the cheeks, making it a must-have addition to both the make-up bag, as well as the purse. 

Organised Cosmetics

makeup organisation

Trying to locate that gorgeous new lipstick, or that concealer that you simply cannot leave the house without applying is a nightmare that nine out of ten girls can relate to, particularly if you’re heading out in a hurry and need to look your best. It’s a great idea to organise your cosmetics based on how regularly you use them; with the most-used products stored in those more convenient places, and those products that you use for only special occasions tucked away in a safe place. An organised set of cosmetics will lead to a much easier, much more structured routine in the morning!