How to wear tote bags and still look stylish

Tote bag
Written by Nigel Simpkins

What is a Tote Bag?

Don’t just use a tote bag. You need to rock the tote bag. It is highly possible as you absolutely can wear tote bags and still look amazing. You just need to learn how to wear tote bags. It isn’t that hard. Like everything, though, it just takes some practice and forethought.

Tote bags can easily allow themselves to be stylish additions to many wardrobes because they are the most versatile and useful bag of any bag on the market. A tote bag isn’t just a bag it is a tool. You can use a tote bag to help you conquer your day or just a workout. Regardless of the actual activity, the tote is an indispensable tool you need in your arsenal. Honestly, you probably already have many tote bags in your home and car.

A tote bag is a classic bag with a few specific features. First, it is a deep bag that is tubular in shape. The outer sides are usually made of highly flexible materials which allow it to take on the shape of any item that is placed inside of it. The material is also more durable than other types of bags so it can be used more often and in more situations. Finally, the other classic additions to the tote bag are the straps that are long enough to use as a shoulder bag.

Does it Matter What Type of Tote?

When you are thinking about being stylish, everything matters. This means that the type of tote absolutely matters. The main purpose of a tote is to carry your stuff. So, it always still needs to do this. Remember that functionality can look stylish if it is done in a way that makes it look easy.

Don’t get a bag that is too small or too big. You want to look like you have the perfect bag for the perfect job. Making traveling with stuff look easy is the best way to be admired. Everyone will be jealous about your ability to move around without being overburdened by stuff. No one wants to see that person that is struggling to carry their things across town or to an event.

Once you know the size of your back, you will need to consider the material, color, pockets, straps, and any other feature that could be changed. Some of these questions will be answered by the amount and kind of stuff that you will pack in your bag. The other questions could be answered by either the event, personal preference, outfit, or anything else that changes the answers. When you are learning how to wear tote bags don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you need.

Think About the Event

The event matters more than you think. Would you wear a leather jacket to a formal dinner? Hopefully your answer is no. This is because there are types of dress and accessories for each type of event. Because a tote bag is a type of accessory, you need to treat it like an accessory. This means that you need to consider what the event is. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself: is it a formal event, is it a happy event, is it a somber event, is it an active event, is the event outside or inside, or is it a business or casual event. All of these will alter what you wear, which means that it will by definition determine which tote bag you should bring along.

If you are reading between the lines, you will realize that you will need more than one tote bag. You will need different colors, materials, sizes, and looks depending on the event. Luckily, when you buy them from a wholesale manufacturer, you won’t be paying nearly as much as separately from a retailer. So, it works out okay that you are buying more than one, because for the prices you will want to take advantage of the wholesale discounts.

Think About the Wardrobe

Colors and styles need to coordinate with one another to make sure that the look is pulled off effectively. This means that if you are wearing certain colors or patterns, you want to make sure that your tote bag isn’t clashing. This includes colors and patterns. If it helps to look at yourself in the mirror, then you should do this. Lay out your cloths before you put them on with your tote bag to ensure that everything works together well.

The harder part of this equation is to see if the styles all work together. Think of pairing something formal with something casual. Don’t pair a tote bag that you take to the beach with an outfit that was picked out for a business dinner. It really makes a difference to have tote bags for every occasion. It works the other way as well. Don’t take your nice tote bag to the beach. A cheaper and more utilitarian tote bag will be perfect for the more casual outside events.