8 ways to beat hayfever

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Written by sr1062

While many of us are looking forward to summer, others are dreading this time of year. Why? One word: hayfever. The sun rarely comes out in England so we have to grab it while we can, but for us hayfever sufferers, that means risking our health. If you’re fed up with sneezing every few seconds, try eating these foods to help you cope better with your allergies and you’ll be able to enjoy the outside world!

1. Nuts

Keep several packets of nuts in your cupboard as these are full of calcium and magnesium, which prevent the body from forming histamine. This is what cause inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages.

2. Fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies such as oranges, kiwi, strawberries, mango and brocolli all contain vitamin C. This is useful for clearing your nose and you’ll be sneezing much less frequently.

3. Tumeric

Add a dash of turmeric to your meals and you’ll be feeling much better in no time! Tumeric goes well with couscous, stir fries, curries and soup.

4. Garlic

Garlic is also great for alleviating the symptoms of hayfever since it is antibiotic and helps clear nasal congestion.

5. Ginger and honey tea

Drink a glass of fresh ginger tea with a spoon of honey (preferably local) as soon as you wake up. Both ginger and honey will make the symptoms of hayfever a little more bearable. Ginger loosens phlegm and strengthens the immune system while honey acts as a desensitiser to pollen.


And to avoid…


1. Dairy products

Yes, this includes ice cream, yoghurt and cheese! Dairy products will increase mucus production.

2. Caffeine and alcohol

Drinking caffeine and alcohol will worsen your symptoms.

3. Chocolate

Limit the amount of chocolate you eat during the hayfever season as this contains histamine.


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