8 Healthy lifestyle tactics that trump dieting

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Written by James Smith

Here are some of my favorite tips for a healthy lifestyle:


1.Be Prepared

It is very important to be prepared for living a healthy lifestyle, especially if you work long hours or have loads of extra responsibilities. Take the time to visit your family doctor to learn more about your health status and what specific changes you need to make to shift to a healthier lifestyle.


If the changes are planned well, making the switch can be simple and easy – like carrying small portions of protein snacks in your office bag or car. It’s very useful to have something ready to eat in the house as well. Having quick healthy snacks can curb overeating and calm cravings, especially when you’re overly hungry, busy, or don’t have time to prepare foods to eat.


2.Plan meals ahead

Planning meals is the best way to stay on track for a healthy lifestyle. It’s very easy to be sidetracked from healthy meals during busy weekdays. Instead, strictly plan, prep, or prepare healthy meals ahead of time. This also helps save you money as you will only buy the foods needed for meals.


3.Make wise decisions on the go

You don’t have to give up on healthy lifestyle while passing by eateries. There are ways to manage temptation at work or while visiting family and friends. The best solution to this problem is to eat something healthier at home before going out. You can also bring healthy home-prepared food with you are on the go, or only sample a small portion of what is being served.


4.Be active

Activity is fun and it doesn’t take much time to add activities into your daily schedule. You can walk for thirty minutes, or use stairs instead of elevators at work. This will benefit you by improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing stamina, building muscle, and increasing your resting metabolic rate.


5.Get enough sleep

Proper rest is integral to a healthy lifestyle. It is even more important to have enough sleep during busier times – as our bodies go through more stress and need more sleep to replenish and relax. The Guardian notes that an average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If enough sleep isn’t taken after a stressful and tiring day, the performance level of both mental and physical activities will be compromised significantly. 


6.Don’t miss meals or snacks

It is a common observation that during a busy schedule, people often tend to miss meals or snacks, which leads to overeating later. Having a heavy meal at later hours in the day can be very tough on our digestive systems. It’s harder to process the food and hurts the metabolism as well, to eat late heavy, meals. Eating small portions for meals and snacking every three or four hours is essential.


7.Choose healthy eats when dining out

We’re all likely to get into unavoidable situations where we eat out instead of eating the home-cooked food. In a situation like this, order raw, baked, or grilled food instead of fried. Also, order sauces and dressings on the side to control how much you’ll use with your meal.


8.Maintain balance

It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after achieving a certain goal. The way to success involves keeping a balance in the longer run by following the plan in moderation.

If you’re finding it difficult to manage a healthy lifestyle, these tips can help. I also believe that the best place to start when it comes to eating healthy is to take the time to nourish both our body and soul. By living a healthy lifestyle, we can live to enjoy a better quality of life in the time we have left.