7 weird festivals you will only find in the USA

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw
Written by Natasha16

Festivals are held all around the world and can be about many different things. American though seems to have many bizarre festival ideas. Below are just some of the weirdest ones out there.  

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw

Now into its 41st year the Wisconsin State cow chip throw sees contestants trying to throw cow chips as far as possible. Each person will get two chips that they will select from the wagon-load. They will get two attempts to throw the cow chip as far as possible and the furthest one will be measured. The state record sits at a crazy 248 feet. This odd festival attracts a crowd of over 40,000 each year.

Eeyore’s birthday party

This is a daylong festival held in Austin Texas since 1963. The festival is in the honour of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Among events there is live music, food and drink stalls and attendees dress in colourful costumes. Another prominent part of the festival is large drum circles where many people gather to demonstrate their musical abilities.

Underwater music festival – Florida Keys

This festival is staged by Keys radio station WWUS 104.1 FM. It is held to encourage coral reef protection and environmentally responsible diving. This will be the 31st year the event has been going. 100s of divers take part and they are encouraged to wear costumes and compete for best dressed.

National Lentil Festival

The event which is held in Pullman Washington is a food festival honouring the lentil.  Each year there will be live musical entertainment, a children’s carnival and free lentil chilli for everyone. There is also a lentil cook off and the lentil 5k fun run/walk.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

The Gilroy garlic festival is one of the largest food festivals in the USA. It is normally held in Gilroy, California. The festival has three stages full of musical entertainment, the great garlic cook off and celebrity cooking demonstrations. A big part of the festival as well is the Miss Gilroy Festival Queen comeptition where one girl is crowned each year. This is based on her interview, talent, garlic speech and evening gown. The festival this year is held on the July 24 – 26th.

Duct Tape Festival

This year is the 12th annual Duct tape festival. The festival is held in Ohio. The festival is held to celebrate the all American product. It includes a duct tape fashion show, duct tape statues and a parade with duct tape floats.

The Wayne Chicken Show

Held in Nebraska each year this festival lasts all weekend and includes food stands, craft vendors, games and a huge chicken dance. 

Do you know any other wacky festivals from around the world? Which one sounds the best?

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