5 Tips to investing in vacation property in 2023

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Written by C Wolsey

Vacation properties come in different forms. Some want to build rentals that can be used for vacation purposes while others want to buy and sell such rental properties. Others want to buy hotels and resorts for vacation purposes. Whether you need to buy a Maui Resort Realty property or you have the desire to rent one, there are many factors that you will want to consider before you make such a decision. You also want to be sure whether you are investing for the long run or whether you want to invest in it as a retirement destination.

Regardless, here are 5 tips to help you invest in vacation property in 2023

1.    Long-term financial goals

As you engage in the business of investing, you need to know what kind of financial goals you have in mind. When you know the kind of investor you are, then it will be easy to define a financial strategy. Do you want to buy a vacation home that can cater to itself? Can you vacation in such a home and save on vacation costs? All these are good factors you need to consider as you invest.

2.    Research top destinations

The destination is a big factor that one should consider when investing in a vacation property. Does the destination you choose have enough travelers? Do you personally enjoy the destination that you choose? Consider the issue of seasonality. Does the location you choose depend on the seasons? The location of your property will have a big bearing on your decision to invest there.

3.    Use local real estate agents

Local real estate agents know the local market well. As such, use the local real estate agents as they know the right spots that tourists love. The local real estate agents know where the access roads get closed during winter. The local real estate agents also know the answers to all the questions you may have. They know the vacation rental demands of the place and the prices of the cost of vacation homes. As such, when closing a sale or a buy in the local area, a real estate agent would know the real prices so that you do not buy too high or offer too low a price.

4.    Consider potential ROI

Ensure the vacation home you buy makes financial sense. You need to calculate the numbers based on insurance needs, capital expenditure, association fees, and so on. All these are factors that can be calculated and determined by the location of your property. You may want to consult professionals who can guide you on appropriate reports on monthly cash flow estimates, potential net income, and estimates of your operating expenses. These figures will help you make the right decisions.

5.    Use the right property manager

A property manager can determine the success of your vacation property. A full-service vacation property manager ensures that you are doing the right thing at the right time. You can choose a company to do the management part for you. This way, your property will be professionally taken care of and the returns that come in are managed profitably.