5 Things To Get You Through The Mondayest Monday Ever At The Office

The First 5 Days After The Weekend Are The Hardest
Written by milfinn

The 'friday feeling' memes didn't just come from nowhere; they're there for a reason.

They're there because Janice from your office has spent all week complaining about the lack of regular teabags; they're there because it rained on the one day you forgot your umbrella; they're there because no-one needed you all day but ten people needed eleven things as you were walking out the door.

But there's five simple things you can do to keep yourself cool, calm and collected when the world is testing you. So without further ado, here are five things to get you through the Mondayest Monday ever…

Music to empower

Nothing kills your really-trying-to-be-motivated mood like the consistent sounds of the keyboard warriors around you banging through their to-do list for the day, so choose to fill your ears with something much more positive.

Maybe it's your favourite song that will give you the boost you need (U2: Beautiful Day might just be the only song that gets me out of bed in the morning), or maybe it's an upbeat playlist you need to create yourself. Hey, that's what Spotify is there for.

I go for music to empower; Beyonce will never not kill it, Jennifer Hudson will actually surprise you, and Natasha Bedingfield will give you that dreamy combination of a 00's throwback and independent-lady-feels. 


Forgot how much I love this track. #natashabedingfield

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Dress to impress

And when I say impress, I mean to impress yourself. Even if the dress code is smart officewear, wear something that you feel confident in. Sometimes all I want to do is throw on a big, cosy jumper and pretend it's approaching Christmas (despite my annual summer holiday approaching much faster) but more times than not, I end up feeling sluggish and de-motivated,

Wear something that makes you feel empowered, whether it be your favourite t-shirt emblazoned with an inspiring quote, or the widest wide-leg, flared trousers you have for that powerful addition to your day.

If you look the part, you'll feel the part, and the rest will just come with it. Don't underestimate the importance of a solid wardrobe choice.


Check, mate: 1066069

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Address the squad

I'll hold my hands up and say that I sometimes hit the mute button on Whatsapp (but only when I'm super busy e.g. trying and failing to get into Game of Thrones for the fourth time), but my group chats are what get me through the day.

With three or four girl-power-themed chats and one sibling Friends-themed chat (titled: I'm Going To Yemin. If you know, you know) on the go, my phone only pings with positivity. I only have to tap onto one of them to either ask for reassurance, to which I receive undivided attention, or see the funniest meme of Twitter that week.

Even when you can't physically surround yourself with your favourite people, fill your daily chats with them. No-one is allowed to take away your positive vibes unless you allow them to. So go to your online squad and the people that empower you, and address them too!

Seek inspiring words

I'm not the biggest fan of reading cheesy quotes on a daily basis, but…okay, I love them. There's nothing like reading something positive and uplifting when you don't know how you're going to get through the day when it's still not Friday. 

Whether it makes you feel like you can take on the world, up and leave your job to travel the world (despite current financial status), or even just makes you appreciate all the good things in your life; an inspiring statement will get you through a monotonous Monday.

So only choose to read the happy news stories of the day on your morning scroll through Facebook, and choose a dog meme over everything else every time.


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Be Nice or Go Away

I don't just mean this is the attitude you should have towards others- it goes for you too! Don’t let your lack of sleep from the weekend take over so that your mood is projected onto others; making others feel bad will only make you feel worse and Mondays are bad enough as it is, right? Spread positivity instead.

Play a game with yourself and everytime you feel the Monday devil slipping through, choose to do something nice (we all know how much making a round of tea means to us Brits).

How about even testing your own honesty with people? White lies are a part of everyday life so tell yourself you'll go 24-hours without telling a lie- if it's harder than you think, you've got some funny anecotes to tell your friends and if you find it's a piece of cake, you just go ahead and reward yourself with an actual piece of cake.


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Mondays are easier to get through with a pocketful of sunshine, a killer outfit, group chats that make you feel like you're in the modern day Spice Girls and a quote that reminds you to be nice or go away.