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5 essential things I simply wouldn’t leave the house without

Leaving the house empty handed, is definitely a no no, we certainly wouldn’t get very far before having to turn back.

Leaving the house empty handed, is definitely a no no, we certainly wouldn’t get very far before having to turn back. Every single one of us have our own personal possessions we simply wouldn’t leave the house without. Get up, grab them and go go go.

Mobile Phone

Although this may sound like a teenage habit with the necessity of having our mobiles glued to our hands, it is not the case. In my opinion, it is essential I have a way of contacting someone, whether that is an emergency or simply to arrange where to meet up with friends. Without it there is no communication, greater chances of delays and greater risk to an individual’s safety and wellbeing. Not to mention, parents and loved ones peace of mind, knowing where we are and knowing we are safe. It is also nice to have a sense of time, and with smart phones there are all kinds of useful information you can reach in the palm of your hand.

Purse including Bank Cards, Money, Oyster, ID

Everyone’s wallet is the hub of their outgoings, if you want to get out and about; you need access to cash, because unfortunately nothing in life is free. Unless you are walking by foot, an oyster card is needed for public transport, or money for petrol; this is first step in order to get places. I know if I were to leave my house without my bank card, I am pretty much limited to do anything I want, and I have done it many times leaving myself feeling frustrated, hopeless and lost, resulting in returning home miserable. Everyone needs that card and 4 digit pin to have the freedom of being social and at ease to do what we choose. Our purse also holds our identification; this is an essential card granting us proof of identity when asked.

House keys

It can be a right pain five minutes before you’re ready to go and you can’t leave because you’re running around like a headless chicken searching for where you left your keys. By the time your house is turned upside down and you’ve worked yourself up there sat in the most obvious place. Leaving your house without your keys means you have to rely on others to be home to let you in, with your keys you can assure you won’t be locked outside your house waiting hours in the cold before someone comes home.


Everyone likes to carry their own cosmetics, whether it is hand cream, lipstick, anti-bacteria or tissues, all of which are personal to every individual. I personally can’t stand dry hands or dry lips so I’ll constantly want to reapply. Some people are not bothered as much, but will have their own form of cosmetics they would want to take out with them. Some people may feel more insecure without ‘powdering their nose’ than others, but with it I personally feel better; as they say, if you look good you feel good. Medication also comes under this bracket of wellbeing, if you fall ill, painkillers to hand will help, or if any other regular medication is prescribed that would be vital too.

Handbag or Rucksack

You may not have thought that a bag was important, but leaving your house carrying your purse, phone, keys and all your other valuables in your hands is an open invitation to theft. We all need a compact carrier for all our possessions because without it, not only are you at risk of it being stolen, you are more likely to put it down somewhere and forget it. The list is endless when your valuables are lost or stolen; bank cards need to be cancelled, you need to reapply for a ID, and buying a new phone is a huge hindrance. Frankly no one ever wants to lose their stuff, the worries and panic leave you frantic.