4 Challenges that a CASB can help your business to overcome

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Operating your business online and on the cloud can present just as many, if not more challenges, than if you were to operate your business out of a storefront and if you were to have a physical presence on the high street. If your business is struggling to implement the security measures that it needs to, or if you believe that your business is under threat, here are some of the top challenges that a CASB can help your business to overcome.

1 – Shadow IT

Shadow IT has become a problem since the evolution of the internet and since businesses decided to harness it for their own means. Shadow IT refers to when unsanctioned software is used without the knowledge of your businesses’ IT department. Although shadow IT can have some advantages, such as enabling employees to use apps that are of great usefulness to your company, the use of unapproved apps can leave your business at risk of security threats, such as malware. However, using a cloud access security broker can help you to overcome the issues that are presented by shadow IT by continually monitoring and finding shadow IT applications in the cloud and preventing access to or the usage of these apps by your employees.

2 – Data Loss

Almost half of businesses were the victims of a data breach last year, and of these, one in five resulted in a loss of data. A loss of data can be detrimental to a company as this can hinder your productivity as you scramble to recover the data that you have lost, while also causing companies to lose customers who have lost faith in them. However, CASB systems can help you to prevent data loss incidents providing an extra warning system and additional security measures to fill in the gaps of protection from cloud providers and to ensure that all cloud activity can be seen in one place.

3 – Security Issues from Employees

Even if you trust your employees and train them well, there is a chance that they might not carry out security measures to the high standards of your company. For instance, they may access cloud applications on their own devices, access documents without the right permissions, and share sensitive files with others. However, CABS software can help you to put your employees on the right track by highlighting holes in your procedures, allowing you to implement stricter access controls, and collecting data around your employee’s usage of the cloud.

4 – Malware Threats

Although you might be used to dealing with malware threats to your software and online, the innovative and recently new nature of the cloud may mean that you are not prepared for the risks that malware can present to your company. It is essential businesses in the UK are prepared for cloud attacks as the UK is one of the countries that are most at risk of them. Using a CASB is the best way to deal with malware threats as it can isolate and highlight suspicious activity within the cloud as it happens and warn you of the issues that may be occurring. Not only this, but CASB software is adaptable and able to change over time to keep up with the many new malware threats that are developing as cybercrime escalates.