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13 things you’ll quickly learn as a postgraduate student

Written by AndrewMusgrove1

So it’s been about six weeks since a lot of us, made the (stupid? expensive?

So it’s been about six weeks since a lot of us, made the (stupid? expensive? extortionate) decision to start a Masters course, and it would seem an apt time to see just what its taught us and the vast difference between postgraduate and undergraduate!

1 – The workload is more than you ever imagined as an undergraduate

You knew it was going to be tough, so much more than what you experienced as an undergraduate but Jesus wept, the workload is immense.  There are long hours, a lot of reading, and serious assignments, oh how we long for the 5 hour weeks of an undergrad.

2 – …and you actually have to put in some effort

Yep that’s right, there has been a quick realisation that you actually have to put in some effort to pass your Masters and with the price you’ve paid for the course, you can’t afford not to.

3 – The pub and leaving it at half ten is quickly becoming your only nights out

The local public house is now the headquarters of your social life, you find yourself in there more than you probably should be but tell yourself its okay because you’re leaving so early.  The thought of a nightclub and getting in at 4am is no longer very appealing.

4- …and this allows for some really fiery drunken political debates

The surroundings of the pub now allow you to engage in some serious political debate, not all very sensible under the influence of the local ale.  You’ve discussed Syria, strikes, David Cameron and what happened to Madeline, sometimes finding yourself well to involved.

5 – Sleep is more important than ever, hence the reason the weekends are for sleeping not partying

With your long days, sleep is so more valuable than ever before.  You’re rarely going to bed past the midnight hour, you’re using the hour or two break between lectures to nap and the weekends? Well they’re for a lie in.

6 – …but a lie in is 9am at the latest

But then a lie in doesn’t really last past 9am, you’re up at half 6 most days and your body just won’t allow you to waste a day in bed.

7 – You’re starting to think about the future and it’s a little bit scary

You’ve paid so much money for this course that the idea of travelling around the world or any other procrastinating idea is simply unthinkable. You’re now looking for jobs and seriously think where you want to be in a year. Oh and political parties, unemployment figures and other once unimportant news items are now becoming important.

8 – …but for now the Bank of Mam and Dad is very much in us.

With no student loan, the applications for extra funds are being handed into the parents at a ridiculous rate.  And what’s the only difference from the last three years? You actually need this money for rent, food and warmth, not for your beer fund.

9 – Caffeine is now your best friend

Getting up at half 6 was once a struggle but now you’ve found the not-so-secret benefit of caffeine you’re going into your 8am lecture positively bouncing. That’s followed by the 10am latté and dinnertime espresso, you wouldn’t call it an addiction but…

10 – …And the pack lunch is perhaps the best invention ever

With money tight and what little you have spare going on your caffeine addiction, the use of the pack lunch is rising. It might just be a plastic box but by God it is one of the greatest inventions ever to grace this planet.  It saves you money; it allows you to be creative and takes you back to school!

11 – You can’t be bothered chasing the opposite sex, you just haven’t got the energy

With literally not time to spare, the thrill of the chase of the opposite sex is not as thrilling as it once were.  You’re no longer a horny fresher with the legs to run but you’re a very tired postgraduate, you simply want a straight answer.  Yes or no – flirting is wasting valuable sleep or study time.

12 – But you’ll still end up in the pub every Friday after a long week of studying…

Yep every Friday you find yourself propping up the bar after telling yourself that you’d be going straight home to bed.  You then said one pint and home…its now your fifth and that flirting that you couldn’t be arsed with before, is now in full flow. Just wait until Monday…

13 – But you wouldn’t have it any other way

Despite the tired eyes, aching bodies and poor bank balance you’ve met some great people so far and you wouldn’t change the experience at all!