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10 things you didn’t know about the University of Hertfordshire

My hometown university might not be the most well-known but we’re an interesting bunch with a lot to offer. With some borrowed from Herts’ own facts and figures and some student legends, here are 10 of the best University of Hertfordshire stories! 

1. Star attraction

With our own venue on campus, the University of Hertfordshire has welcomed the likes of One Direction,, Ellie Goulding, Example and Rizzle Kicks. The Forum also features in Ed Sheeran’s music video for ‘Lego House’. 

2. Home to the longest-running student radio station 

Back in 1960, CRH (Campus Radio Hatfield) launched as a pirate radio, before being renamed Crush and getting its first broadcast licence in 1962. Crush stands for Campus Radio for University Students Hatfield, and is now part of Trident Media, which also includes print and TV outlets. You can listen online at or on 1278AM.

3. We’re famous for our aircraft 

The namesake of the University of Hertfordshire de Havilland campus comes from the de Havilland Aircraft Company which came to Hatfield in the 1930s and saw many famous aircrafts taking to the skies from nearby. 

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4. Located near to the Warner Bros Studio 

Just round the corner in Watford is the home of Warner Bros and the Harry Potter Studio tours. This has definitely come in helpful with students working on the likes of Harry Potter, Clash of the Titans 2, X Men and Captain America.  

5. Our graduates are in every British Formula 1 team

Our own formula student team, UH Racing, is also ranked 23rd out of over 500 teams worldwide, one of the highest ranking British teams.

6. 10% of all known planets were discovered by University of Hertfordshire astronomers

This is one of my favourite facts and really showcases the impressive research taking place in the science and technology departments at UH. 

7. Part of a huge international community 

With partner institutions around the world, over 3,500 University of Hertfordshire students study abroad, with international students travelling to Herts from over 120 different countries. The flag of each student’s home country is displayed in The Street on de Havilland campus. 

8. We appeared on Eastenders

The University of Hertfordshire has a unique replica courtroom on campus, which has a few claims to fame including an appearance in the BBC series, Eastenders. 

9. Someone lived in the LRC

Now, I’m not normally one to succumb to rumours, but this one is pretty well versed around the University of Hertfordshire. Apparently, someone managed to live in the Learning Resources Centre for several weeks, using the campus gym for showers. True or false, who knows? But it’s always interesting to wonder if it’s possible. 

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10. THAT legendary bus driver 

The University of Hertfordshire has its own bus company, Uno, which ships students between campuses and around the local area. Most often used to get home after a night out at The Forum Hertfordshire, there’s nothing you want more than a trip to McDonalds. One bus driver was renowned for making late night stops at McDonalds. On a downside, he also went round the roundabouts a few too many times, much to the dismay of drunken students aboard. 

What do you think? Are you tempted by the University of Hertfordshire? Any more interesting facts to add?