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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the University of Chester

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Written by HannahWrites

The University of Chester is a small campus-based university located in Chester’s City Centre, but it also houses another small campus over in Warrington. It’s a relatively new university, having only achieved full university status in 2005 and full research degree awarding authority in 2007! 

1. Small but effective

The University of Chester is, as previously stated, a campus university, and while it’s only small compared to some of the larger cities, it definitely doesn’t scrimp on what’s important. As the heart of the student experience, we have a number of facilities that are appealing to all those who attend including a large range of catering services, the bookshop and, of course, the £2 million Chester Student’s Union centre, bar and club… and even 2 Starbucks outlets! 

2. You Heard It Here First

As a campus University, Chester’s Student Union is at the centre of the nightlife for all those who attend, and while we may not be the biggest, we’ve had live music from up and coming artists, such as Rizzle Kicks, Lucy Rose (below) and DJ Kissy Sell Out!

3. Up and coming

While the University is small compared to the neighboring universities of Manchester and Liverpool we’re definitely not weak! We ranked at an impressive 46th place in The Guardian’s 2014 University League Tables, maintaining our climb up the league tables from the previous year! 

4. Best of Both Worlds

With a small university comes a small nightlife, and while that suits some students just fine, others may want to venture a little further! Luckily for us, we can enjoy both the small, close-knit community of Chester and the big, bright lights of Manchester and Liverpool’s nightlife! 

5. Let’s get physical

After all those night-outs, you may be wanting to get involved with some of our 70+ diverse clubs and societies that our fabulous Student Union run. These range from your well-known sports such as football, rugby and hockey to the newer clubs, such as role play, mountaineering and quidditch (oh yes, Harry Potter fans, you read that correctly!) 

6. Girls Girls Girls

Chester is an increasingly female dominated university, with women making up around 65% of the student body, and men making up just 35%! 

7. Skills for life

The University of Chester offers an incredibly useful module to every student in his or her second year of ‘Work Based Learning’. This involves a 5 week period of a work placement in order to help you on your way in finding your feet for later life! 

8. Flying High

In 2014, the university was voted the best in the North West for graduate employment, with 95.2% of its graduates being in work or in further education. This statistic soars over the national average, and highlights the true extent of Chester’s work ethic and principles! 

9. Famous alumni

We have an impressive network of well-known alumni, including some of the greats like Jim Bowen, the presenter of Bullseye, International rugby players, John Carleton and Jon Clarke, and the award-winning singer, Duffy (below). 

10. A Grand Graduation

Graduation is the event that all students are working towards, and what could be a grander setting to mark this achievement in Chester’s beautiful cathedral. With it’s ornate stained glass windows and architecture, I couldn’t think of a better place in which I’d rather end my student years!