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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunderland University

Written by GemmHirst
Think you know everything about Sunderland and its University?

Think you know everything about Sunderland and its University? Think again!
The iconic Blue Peter set 
Sunderland University is home to the real CBBC Blue Peter Set. After the BBC moved from London Television Centre to Media City, they left the iconic set behind and Sunderland University received the set after an online auction of Television Centre memorabilia. It is now used by the media production students to help them learn about studios and the skills needed in working life. 
Stage death
In 1976, actor Sid James died of a heart attack whilst on stage on the Sunderland Empire. The much-loved actor from the ‘Carry On’ films was in a performance of The Mating Game. 
Award-winning radio station
The University’s radio station, 107 Spark FM, which launched in 2009 has won many awards including NaSTA People’s Choice Awards: Open Award – WINNER – ‘Newtube’ (2014), The Radio Academy North East – Best Station (2010, 2011, 2012) and Best Student Radio Station in the World – New York Festival Awards (2012). 
Campus in the capital
Sunderland University has another campus based in London. It is located around the Barclays and HSBC buildings and is a complex worth £4 million. It means students from both campuses in the North East and London can learn and develop their skills. 

Nissan plant
Car manufacturer, Nissan, opened their plantation in 1986. It was the first factory to be built by a Japanese carmaker. The building was built on a 799 acre Greenfield site in Sunderland and is responsible for many jobs in the North East.
Royal visit
The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Sunderland University in 1993. They met the students and staff to oversee the plans for the new campus development of St Peters.  The campus was renamed Sir Tom Cowie and marked the 80th birthday of the Sunderland businessman.
Lives Online
Apart from the radio and TV station, Sunderland University has a programme called Lives Online where peers can see what is like to be a student at the university. 
Chancellor for change
In 1999, Professor Pete Fidler left Oxford University and became Chief Executive and Vice Chancellor at the University. As professor, he held the position for 15 years and changed the higher education policy and funding for Sunderland. 
The North Shore
The North Shore is a venue for students to host productions, club nights and live bands. Based outside St Peters Campus, the amazing party venue has been a previous host to pop sensation, S Club 7. Always popular among freshers.
…a friendly bunch!
Sunderland is home to thousands of friendly faces, being in the North East we are one of friendliest people you will ever come across. Just watch this video!
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