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10 Surprising items you can recycle in your home

Written by Nigel Simpkins

As we continue to strive towards a more sustainable future, recycling has become an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives.

Most of us are familiar with the basics of recycling – paper, plastic, glass, and metal. But did you know that there are many other surprising items you can recycle in your home?

From toothbrushes to crayons, we’ve teamed with rubbish removal experts JustHire to explore 10 items you may not have realized you can recycle.

1- Toothbrushes

It may surprise you to learn that toothbrushes can be recycled! While they can’t be recycled through your regular curbside program, some companies have programs that allow you to send in your used toothbrushes and packaging for recycling. These programs turn old toothbrushes into plastic pellets that can be used to make new products.

2- Wine corks

Don’t throw away those wine corks! Many recycling centers now accept wine corks for recycling. The corks can be turned into a variety of products, including flooring, insulation, and even yoga blocks.

3- Brita filters

If you use a Brita filter to purify your drinking water, don’t toss it in the trash when it’s used up. Brita has a recycling program that accepts used filters and turns them into new products like park benches and bike racks.

4- Crayons

If you have kids, you know how quickly they can go through a box of crayons. Instead of throwing the broken pieces away, consider recycling them. The National Crayon Recycle Program collects old crayons and melts them down into new crayons.

5- Printer cartridges

If you print a lot, you probably go through a lot of printer cartridges. Instead of disposing of them, contemplate recycling them. Many office supply stores offer cartridge recycling programs, and some printer manufacturers even offer their own programs.

6- Electronics

Old electronics like phones, laptops, and tablets can be recycled, too. Many electronics stores offer recycling programs, and some manufacturers even offer trade-in programs that allow you to upgrade to a new device while also recycling your old one.\

7- Athletic shoes

When your sneakers have worn out, don’t toss them in the trash. Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program allows you to recycle your old sneakers and turn them into material for new products like running tracks and playground surfaces.

8- Cooking oil

After you’ve used cooking oil to fry up some food, don’t pour it down the drain. Instead, recycle it. Many cities and towns have programs that allow you to recycle cooking oil, which can then be turned into biodiesel fuel.

9- Tennis balls

If you’re an avid tennis player, you know how quickly tennis balls can wear out. Instead of throwing them away, consider recycling them. Programs like Recycle Balls accept old tennis balls and turn them into new products like playground surfaces and pet toys.

10- Plastic bags

While many recycling programs don’t accept plastic bags, you can still recycle them. Many grocery stores now have plastic bag recycling bins, so you can drop off your used bags the next time you go shopping. The plastic bags are then turned into new products like composite lumber and outdoor furniture.

In conclusion, there are many surprising items that can be recycled in your home. From toothbrushes to tennis balls, recycling these items can help reduce waste and preserve resources. By taking the time to recycle these items, we can all do our part to create a more sustainable future.