Yellow: The Trend to Embrace in 2015

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Written by sallyeccleston

It’s that time of the year when we all pull the entire contents of our wardrobes onto the floor in a bid to embark on a image overhaul and what better time to do this than the present!  But is there a trend that we’ve feared to try in the past?

I’ve certainly been afraid to wear yellow in the past and this year the colour is everywhere. From Michael Kors to Topshop the colour is adamant on standing out against the usual greys and duller tones we expect in winter fashion collections.

Yellow is everywhere this season

I have many yellow accessories from a lemon clutch bag from New Looks S/S 2014 collection and even a bright yellow IPhone, but yellow clothes are seldom seen amongst my typical palette of blues and blacks.

River Island knit with gold zip front fastening. My usual winter buys of darker clothes has really taken over my wardrobe this year and has started to resemble the closest of Wednesday Addams. So I thought I’d break the mould and start my summer purchases early.

But 2015 looks to be the year of the bright and beautiful and so I bought a little mustard knit number from River Island and have loved it ever since.

To match my yellow knit I opted for a bright yellow nail paint by Barry M in the shade Lemon Ice Cream, product number NP307 from the Barry M website. The colour goes with pretty much anything and really brightens up an outfit as well as my day as it is such a happy, preppy colour.

Canary bandwagon

High-end designers are also jumping on the canary bandwagon to celebrate their brighter side. Artists such as Chanel and Alexis Mabille have produced bold yellow statements in the form of a strong jacket and skirt combination from Chanel and a floor sweeping silk dream with a neat belt that cinches in the waist perfectly from the creators at Mabille.

The collections for S/S 2015 are rife with variant tones of yellow and the colour seems as though it is here to stay.

As more and more stores and collections incorporate the colour, more of us are finding the confidence to don the trend and to add some brightness back into everyday outfits.

Walking through the city centre of Sheffield I have definitely noticed people working the colour and styling it as a main feature of their outfit or subtly as a little nod to the fashion god’s filtering the colour back onto the high street.

There are many shades from canary to gold so don’t let the brightness of the colour put you off. I was a little sceptical at first but as long as you find a complimentary hue to best show off your complexion, you’ll fall madly in love with a colour that will bring you straight into summer and that slides straight past the winter blues.