Twitter’s reaction to Terry Pratchett’s death

It’s something that happens rarely in the world of literature. People can write books, but authors write stories. Terry Pratchett was a special kind of author. His Discworld series immersed adults and children into a world that was so farfetched, brilliant, comical and sometimes bleak. We’ve unfortunately lost one of the best authors in modern times. He spent the last years of his life writing and increasing the awareness of dementia. There has been an outpour on Twitter for a unique author, and here is a list of ten tweets from mourning fans:

1) Many stories of his wit at book signings, here’s one of them:

2) Twitter, more than anything, is jam-packed with Terry Pratchett quotes, which are nothing short of inspiring.

3) A tribute at Earls Court Station, London.

4) One of the most influential characters from his Discworld series is ‘Death’, fans have actually been petitioning on Twitter for Death to bring Pratchett back to life.

5) A tribute at Canary Wharf, too!

6) Terry was also part of the euthanasia debate, who was notably for it.

7) Sums up his adoration very nicely.

8) A point that revebrerates among many fans on Twitter.

9) Many feel a sense of loss, from stories that were yet to be told

10) Finally, the last Tweet on Pratchett’s account sent shcokwaves through social media

The author will be missed by a lot of people. Trying to pick ten tweets to sum up the effect his death has had on people was really hard, considering he had touched thousands of people with his imagination.

Are you a fan of Terry Pratchett? What was your favourite book he had written?