Top ten qualities for a perfect flatmate

Messy student kitchen , Beth Rochester, Kettle Mag
Written by bethrochester

It’s not easy finding the perfect flatmate. Here are ten positive qualities that you might need to put on a tick list for next year… if the ones your with now are not quite living up to expectations!

Not too loud

You don’t want to be able to hear them when you’re trying to sleep ready for an early morning lecture and they are up watching TV and being loud. Also having a flatmate who isn’t too loud and can allow you to have study time, helps out a great deal.


You don’t want a messy flatmate, having a tidy flatmate means that you will always have a clean kitchen and bathroom. You don’t have to let them do it themselves but it will always be good to have someone who is willing to help if you’re on clean up duty.

Similar interests

Having similar interests means that you might find them easier to connect with and creates something that you can bond over, whether it’s through TV, music or books, you can easily get along with anyone who has similar interests as your own.


Having at least one organized flatmate can mean that you know what’s going on most days and it usually means that their organization skills will eventually rub off on you. Plus having an organized flatmate means that you always know when the bins need to be taken out.

Able to joke around

Being able to joke around with someone is essential, you don’t want someone who will not be able to joke around with the rest and would rather stay in their room sour faced than actually do anything.

Smart enough to be able to win at a pub quiz

Going to a pub quiz as a flat can give you some great bonding experience and having a really smart flatmate could give you a great advantage.

Respectful of others

You want a flatmate who is always going to be respectful of your personal space. Some people don’t understand boundaries due to different backgrounds and it’s good to have someone that would be able to understand them and stick to them.


A perfect flatmate would be able to keep a healthy balance between keeping themselves clean and keeping the flat clean. You don’t want a flatmate who doesn’t know how to use the shower or doesn’t know how to wash a plate. A clean flatmate is always a good one to keep.


A flatmate who shares, whether it be food, alcohol or toiletries, is one that you would want to live with. It’s not good having a flatmate who is not willing to share, you always get on a lot better if you are sharing the things you have.

Accepting of everyone they live with

Living with a bunch of new people can be scary but having a flatmate who is willing to accept anyone they live with and isn’t bothered about the differences between people and is willing to live with someone regardless of what they do with their personal lives.