To Cut it short: The return of the iconic bob

Are bobs back? Looks like the days of long, flowing locks are over… at least in the celebrity world.

Are bobs back? Looks like the days of long, flowing locks are over… at least in the celebrity world. Make way for the sleek bobs! Some argue that this craze all started when Beyonce chopped off her acclaimed curls. Soon after, celebrities like Rita Ora and Nicole Kidman were all seen sporting classy bobs.

A History of the bob

Historically, women have worn their hair long for many decades, as it used to symbolize youth, beauty and femininity. However, over in the last few decades, this belief has very much changed. In history, many females have been defined by their bob hairstyle, including: Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart. During World War I, many women abandoned they roles as housewives and were going to battlefields and going to work. This was a freedom never before seen.

The surrender of the traditional long locks represented the end of an era where women were seen as fragile and weak and the beginning of a time when women gained independence. But not only was it a visual statement of the “new woman” but it was also a reflection of that time period where the lack of sanitary conditions were so extreme that it was more hygienic for both men and women to have short hair.

The roaring 20s

During the 1920’s the bobbed hair went from being a statement about equality of sexes to a fashion trend. It illustrated a sassy, modern woman. Renowned American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald clearly displayed the reality of the bob during that time with his short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”. The story was written in 1921 and it was based on the letters Fitzgerald exchanged with his sister advising her on how to be more attractive to men- having a bob haircut.

A promising future?

Over the years, the bob haircut has consistently remained in style. From Audrey Hepburn’s classy bob in the 50s to Twiggy’s geometric bob in the 60s; and we can’t forget the edgy, punk bobs in the 80s. Perhaps it is still a bit too soon to tell if Beyonce will be remembered for her new hairstyle but one thing we can say for sure; bobs are not going away any time soon. Edgy, chic and highly fashionable, a bob is an easy and quick option to look fashion forward. Need proof? Fashion queen, Mrs. Anna Wintour; a true believer that the bob haircut is the way to go, year in and year out.