Men’s Style: How To Do Autumn/Winter The Right Way

Written by Liam Hughes

Men are now considered to be as, if not more, aware of their physical appearance as women, than in any other time.

Men are now considered to be as, if not more, aware of their physical appearance as women, than in any other time. With the increased exposure in the media almost identical to that of the opposite sex, men are finding it necessary to keep up appearances and stay in line with the latest trends.

Autumn/Winter is a particularly tricky time as we bundle up against the colder weather, making looking good a dangerous and difficult task.

It’s understandable that the definition of trend means an item or look that is popular but it’s frustrating seeing five or six guys walking down the street dressed EXACTLY the same. How do you expect to stand out from the crowd when you buy the same clothes from the same shops? Being different doesn’t mean you have to wear things completely out the ordinary sometimes a simple change can stamp your authority as a leader and not a follower.

I share some tips on how to stay fashionable whilst preparing yourself against the harsh winter weather:

Layering is the Key

The colder seasons allow you to layer up, however it can easily snowball out of control and what you think is an idyllic winter wonderland outfit quickly becomes a catastrophic clothing avalanche. You don’t want to look like a shapeless heap of heavy layers.

That reliable denim jacket you’ve worn on a cool summer’s night is instantly protected form the cold with a colourful hoody underneath. And there’s no need to dismiss those short-sleeved shirts as they’ll look great underneath a plain sweater or knitwear.

Gilets are the ultimate layering piece. A strange yet genius option with its arm-amputated design, it provides an extra barrier against the cold. Throw it over that untoppable sweater to keep your torso toasty without looking like the marshmallow man.

And as much as they might seem fun and adorable avoid sweaters with reindeer and/or snowflakes…no…just no

Up There For Thinking

There was once a time when it was acceptable for gentleman to don heinous headgear but that time has passed. As much as those novelty hats supplied functionality when faced with extreme weather, they are far from fashion-friendly. Avoid ear muffs, pom-pom hats or as much as it might seem cruel anything made by a friend or family member.

Simple solutions come in the form of basic beanies and traditional newsboy caps or for the more daring a fedora or bowler can be just as effective at keeping the heat in without looking foolish.

That’s a Wrap

The neck is one of the primary places that releases heat. A well-wrapped scarf combats this and using them for what they were meant for is the only way they can look good. Placing a scarf over your head and resting it on your neck is pointless, as is throwing one end over your shoulder.

Simple methods with a long scarf include the Parisian, which is created by folding the scarf lengthwise and pulling the two ends through the loop created on the opposite side. This is the snuggest fitting for maximum warmth. If it’s not that cold yet, try the more casual once-around knot. Place the scarf on the neck with one side slightly longer than the other and then wrap it around and through the loop.

Accessories Aren’t Girly

This is so easy to do and there are so many masculine accessory options on the high street that men don’t seem to bother with. From glasses to neck ties, tie pins to necklaces…there are so many to choose from. They can help turn that ‘trendy’ item into something truly individual. Collar cuffs and studs can turn your favourite shirt into something new and fashionable.

Bags are also a great option and the bigger better. Stay clear of those tiny pouches that seem to stick to men’s bodies; they aren’t functional and don’t look good. A big bag, like a leather holdall, is perfect as it exudes masculinity offers a smart and sporty edge to any outfit and can efficiently carry your jacket in it if the weather changes.

Stay Smart

You’re dressed in shirt, tie and pants to head out for drinks in the city or on a romantic meal with that special someone, does it make sense to cover it all up with that big, bulky hiking or sports jacket? No. So why do it?

If you’re wearing something smart, stay smart. A tailored pea coat or macintosh can be just as practical but also shows that dressing smart comes naturally to you. If a blazer takes your fancy stay clear of the traditional black dinner jacket; try a coloured blazer to add that stamp of uniqueness.

And finally, they may have been/still be a massive phenomenon but in no way are UGG boots a good idea. They’re hard to put into an outfit and as much as they might be like wearing slippers everywhere, they aren’t practical in a battle with the elements.