Tips to add some personality to your car

Written by Nigel Simpkins

When buying a car you have certain expectations of what you’d like and need. However, there’s also the opportunity to tailor the vehicle to suit you and your personality so that everyone you know who sees your car will immediately know it’s yours. Here are some ways you can add some personality to your car.

Add Your Own Scent

When you go into someone’s home, you are usually hit with some sort of smell. The sense of smell is very powerful and can evoke certain feelings of comfort, nostalgia, or something not so pleasant. So adding a scent is a way you can tailor your car. Perhaps you want something similar to your own usual perfume or something unique that will make you feel at home in your car and that your friends and family will become used to whenever they are a passenger. Adding your own scent to the car is just a subtle way of taking care of its appearance in a subtle way, and it’s a small thing that just needs doing every so often to keep it fresh. That new car smell fades, so it’s good to give your passengers something to rave about. There are plenty of air fresheners that have been designed to fragrance a car in mind, so shop around for the best ones.

Buy Personalised Plates

We don’t really pay that much attention to number plates considering we all see a lot of them as we’re driving. However, on the occasions, we do clock them is when they are usually unique in their lettering and numbers. Some people purchase private number plates to stand out and to be unique as opposed to the generic one you’re given when you first buy the car. There’s really no limit to what you could get it to say, it could be a nickname or something that means something personal to you. It’s a great way of having a bit of fun with it, and although it does cost a bit to get personalised number plates, it’s the perfect way of adding your personality directly onto the car itself.

Have Some Decor On The Dashboard

The dashboard is quite a sizeable space, and as long as you don’t obstruct your viewpoint as a driver, then you could always add some decor to it. That may be some stick-on LED strips to help illuminate the dials on your dashboard a little better or some fluffy dice where the front mirror sits. You can also get little ornaments that small enough and can stick firmly on the top of your dashboard. They usually have a little patch of solar panel on the front of it which when sat in direct sunlight, will start animating the ornament in some way. Think less is more when it comes to dashboard decor, you don’t want to overdo it or make it look too tacky. Sometimes the simple things can make the biggest difference.

Get The Car Wrapped

One option for adding something unique and personable to your car is getting the car wrapped. This method is by literally wrapping the car with a large vinyl graphic or decal, and this applied directly over the car’s paint. It’s usually done to help mask chips and scratches within the paintwork or to provide a more permanent effect to the car. These car wraps come in a variety of patterns, colours, and textures, including a matte effect. This is a process that takes very little time, but once you’re finished with it, you can just as easily remove back to its original condition. This is why car wrapping is something that many individuals will do on occasion to give their car a refresh. Wrapping your car is a great way of showing what you love and perhaps going for something you don’t usually see on a car’s exterior.

Bumper Stickers

Just like the dashboard, your rear bumper could certainly be dressed up a little, and there’s plenty of places around the globe that will sell bumper sticks so if your car goes on regular road trips, it’s a nice keepsake to attach to your car. Again, think about

how many you are putting on the bumper itself or the rear window. The last thing you want to do is obstruct your view of the cars behind you, and you also don’t want to block the view of your number plate as this could land you in a bit of hot water with the police. Try going with bumper stickers that aren’t going to be a nightmare to remove and are similar colours to your car, rather than something that’s multi-coloured and looks a little garish.

Change The Interior Furnishings

One of the other things that can spruce up your car and give it some character is by changing the interior furnishings. After a while, even the most well looked after cars can get wear and tear, and that rings true especially for the soft furnishings inside your car like the seats. So you may want to get some new interior furnishings every so often to give it that new lease of life. Depending on your preference, you might want to go for leather or perhaps a more fabric style of material. You can change the colour and style of the foot mats and maybe even give your driving wheel a new look.

With so many cars on the road, it can be very easy for a car to just blend in with the rest, so give yours a bit of a transformation that you’ll never end up losing it in a car park again! Add your own scent to the car and replace your air freshener regularly. Get personalised plates to really show off and be sure to change the interior furnishings to stop your car from looking worn and tired. Bumper stickers and dashboard decor add that extra bit of flare, and a car wrap is great for a short burst of character.