The Most Annoying Reading Habits

photo of woman dog earing a page
Written by Leah

If you’re anything like me you’re incredibly proud of your little library of books you've collected over the years. You’ll display them on your shelf with a glorious sense of pride, spines pristine and un-cracked, pages beautifully preserved. Your books look like they belong in a museum and you’ll be sick of hearing comments like “none of your books look like they’ve been read.” Now there’s nothing wrong with a little wear and tear if it’s a book you love above everything else and have read cover to cover countless times, it’s when people are purposefully careless that my gears really get grinding. Read on and be put off lending your books to your friends forever…

Dog Earing Pages

IS IT SO HARD TO USE A BOOKMARK? Bookmark’s have literally been designed for the purpose of holding your page in a book. Why must so many people feel the need to purposefully damage the book and fold the page instead?

wordery bookmarks

Cracking Spines

A friend of mine once told me that the first thing she likes to do when she starts reading a new book is to stretch the book out as far as it goes and crack the spine. Crack. The. Spine. I swear, when she told me I felt a cold shiver down my own spine. Who would do such a thing?

barnes and noble book pile

Licking Fingers Before Turning a Page

Now this is just gross. Your mouth is full of loads of icky germs and you’re going to lick your fingers and place them onto a book? No. no. no. no. This is one of the biggest reasons I won’t read library books. Imagine how much saliva is on those pages? Ew.

woman licking finger

When Someone Won't Shut Up

Now this one’s an annoying habit other people do to you whilst you’re reading, fellow bookworms will understand this pain. You’re happily engrossed in a book and people just wont stop trying to talk to you. Go. Away. Save your stories about your life for another time Kathy.

leave me alone I'm reading

Grubby fingers

One time I lent a copy of this book to my friend; it was a beautiful book, the cover so white it could be mistaken for snow. When I read it I’d taken great care in making sure I didn’t eat or drink anything around it so the cover would stay in tip top condition. However, when I received the book back from my friend it was covered in grubby fingerprints! People are the worst.

fingers on book

So there’s my top most annoying reading habits! What do you think? Do you have any annoying reading habits or know of some? Let us know your thoughts at @kettlemag