The best tips for spending less but eating healthier

Eat frozen

Buying frozen fruit and veg on your food shop is not only cheaper to buy, but will last much longer than fresh fruit and veg. Plus the only extra thing you will have to do is defrost them in advance, which does not take up much of your time at all.  

Plan your meals ahead 

Planning meals in advance will save money as you will never buy foods that you will not need in the end, and it will put you off of buying foods when out and about if you already know exactly what you have got in your kitchen to cook. 

Cook more at home 

Many of us often eat out or grab takeaways for convenience reasons, as someone else is cooking for us while we just sit back and pay, or it is easy to grab something whilst on the go that is quick and easy to eat. By cooking at home, you know exactly what is going into your meal which will end up being much healthier than eating out, and will save you money in the long run as those quick grabs soon add up to much more than you think.

Buy in bulk 

Doing your food shopping in one or two bulks per month will A) stop you from going back every other day and buying an item you need a long with other unnecessary foods and B) it will swerve any cravings to buy unhealthy foods if you don’t take out any money with you and already have your planned meals ready to eat for the day. 

Double up

Doubling up on your cooking portions and saving the leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day will save you time cooking again and helps to stay on track with your meals so you don’t have to spend money on lunch. Cooking your meals the night before also organises you for the day you have ahead, so that you can take your meals wherever you go and they are made easily accessible for you to eat.

Write out a shopping list 

Preparing yourself by making a list of all the items you need, will help you on your shop so that you don’t sway from the list and instead grab foods that you want at the time. Also doing your food shop when you are hungry is one of the worst ideas, as your rumbling stomach just wants you to grab everything you see that looks appetizing. Keep checking off that trusty list and resist the urge to buy any extras.

[ Image: Bruce Turner via Flickr ]

Do you really need that luxury item? 

Sure, the chocolate and sweets isle look very tempting as you are pushing your trolley around, but you have to ask yourself whether you really need them if you are trying to eat healthy and save money. There will always be temptation, and once in a while won’t hurt you but you don’t need to be treating yourself to these foods during every shop that you do.