The amazing benefits of garlic

Written by Alice Clover

Do you find yourself getting sick often? Do you get a flu whenever you get caught in the rain, can you not help but start sneezing when a little breeze of cold air touches your skin? Then, odds are, you are one of the many people whom are born with a weak immune system. Don't worry though – it can be fixed through immune system boosters.

First, you need to change your eating habits to foods that are full with antioxidants. This means you'll have to eat plenty of fruits in the morning rather than the traditional eggs and bacon. Also, consume fats that are healthy such as omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in oily fish. Thirdly, make it a daily routine to add to your food the star of this article – the garlic. Garlic has been proved to contain has the properties to fight viruses and kill bacteria.

What are those beneficial vitamins and minerals?

Garlic contains over 400 useful and necessary substances: proteins, fats, vitamins (A, group B, C, D and E), trace elements and macro elements (iodine, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium , selenium, silicon, phosphorus), antioxidants and anticoagulants. The specific flavor and smell gives the essential oil, which has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic activity. Essential oil is a complex mixture of several compounds containing sulfur, its volatiles constitute contains about 35% of the total amount of the substance.

Due to large amounts of antioxidants, this plant is known for its unique rejuvenating and regenerating properties. Garlic is an excellent immune enhancing drug, it multiplies the natural defenses, making it resistant to the main part of various bacteria and pathogens. The action of garlic may be compared with the action of broad-spectrum antibiotics which kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and helminth infestations.

The bulk of nutrients are carbohydrates and polysaccharides – up to 27%. In the fall they show inulin and sucrose, and in the spring, due to their degradation, increase in glucose and fructose. The protein content ranged from 6,7 to 13,3%, cellulose – 0,8%, ash in cloves – 1,4-3,7%, in the leaves – up to 8,8%. The bulbs of garlic itself do not contain enough vitamins: C – 08.05 mg, B1, Bs, and RR – percent.

But the young leaves and scapes are very rich in vitamin C, up to 140 mg, moreover they contain carotene. In the ash of garlic has been found 17 mineral elements, including phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, germanium, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, zirconium, vanadium, titanium, selenium, sodium, lead, etc. The fat content ranges from 0.03 up to 0,08%

Did you know the top health benefits of garlic ?

  1. Reduces risks of cancer – Has been known to reduce the risk of esophageal, stomach and colon cancer.
  2. Expectorant for chronic bronchitis – Due to Garlic releases Allicin that softly irritates the lungs to help with coughing up fluid.
  3. Lowers cholesterol – By stimulating the T-lymphocyte and macrophage action.
  4. Beneficial to the heart – Garlic is able to lower the cholesterol and increase fibrinolysis, thus, slowing the bloods coagulation.
  5. Antibiotic to certain bacterial infections – Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal strength equals to 1% penicillin.
  6. Decreases chance of having yeast infections – Because of the anti-fungal properties, women who intake a lot of garlic can prevent them from reoccurring.
  7. Lowers blood pressure – It has the power to ease spasm in the small artery and moderates the heart beat.
  8. Helps the digestive system – Garlic has the ability of eliminating any waste that is harmful to the body. The oil from the garlic itself is released with urine.
  9. Can eliminate acne – Studies show that when a pimple is rubbed with a raw garlic several times a day, it disappears with a trace.
  10. Remedy for whooping cough – Soothes the throat and is a stimulant for lungs if fluid is in them. However, softens/opens the airways.
  11. Taste in food – When placed in food, it can really change the taste for a unique flavor no other spice compares to.
  12. Is an aphrodisiac – Based on the female anatomy that is similar to the look of a garlic clove, this has proven to be a an aphrodisiac in men (along with added blood flow).
  13. Creates a healthy immune system – Garlic supports natural killer cells and promotes interleukin-1 levels strengthening the body's defenses.
  14. Can reduce the chance of a common cold – Because it is able to strengthen the immune system, it also prevents annoyances such as the common cold.
  15. Acts as a stimulate – It can irritate the lungs during a cold, or asthma attack to help release fluid. Also, in cooking, it can fuse two other flavors together.
  16. Can expel pin worms – These are intestinal parasites; garlic has been used on many occasions to draw them out from under the skin.
  17. Prevents heart attack or stroke – Because it's beneficial to the heart by producing nitric oxide in the lining of blood vessels enabling them to relax.
  18. Cure for impotence – Has a positive effect on the circulatory system improving blood flow throughout the entire body
  19. Promotes weight-control – Garlic releases Allicin that has been proven to prevent weight gain despite the food eaten (of course, based on portion control).
  20. Can stop tooth aches – Due to the Allicin, rubbing garlic a few times a day on the infected gum and tooth will temporarily stop the pain.

Garlic Tea natural cold and cough remedy

Many of us don't have insurance, or the funds to visit the doctor for every cough or cold. That was me, last winter, when I came down with the worst respiratory illness of my life. To make matters worse I was unemployed, unable to afford even cough syrup. Desperate, I consulted a few search engines for natural cold and cough remedies. Reading blog after blog, the answer I found, garlic tea.

Recipes are vastly available and most, basic and simple to make with ingredients already on hand. Just boil a few cloves in some water and "Presto", cough syrup. The taste was horrible; I do recommend adding lemon and or honey to the recipe for taste.

An important fact to know, the clove has to be ruptured in some way, i.e. smashing or mincing. That is what releases the active, antibacterial, antiviral agent. However, I do not suggest eating raw.

I drank the tonic at bed time and felt a burning, warming, sensation throughout my body. The next morning I felt much better. One more day, and the cold was gone. The worse your cold, the longer you will need to use it. Most of the time it only takes a day. It is a fast working remedy. Hopefully will help you also…