Simple wellness tools that will get you through the week

Written by Nigel Simpkins

There’s nothing normal about this time, in fact, no one could have prepared themselves for Spring 2020, which makes wellness and self-care even more important. Now, more than ever, we’re reaching for tools to support our mind, skin and body to ease stress and help us get through the week.

Morning Meditation

The idea of adopting meditation practices can seem daunting, but now is a perfect time to start. Meditation doesn’t have to be finding long periods to sit in silence and manifest peace, it can simply mean taking time out to breathe and refocus. What is wonderful about meditation is that it’s much easier to fit into your schedule than you think. Do it while you’re doing other things like walking or taking a shower! Headspace, the mindfulness meditation app, endorses that meditation can improve sleep quality, promote healthy eating behaviours, support pain management and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some research even goes as far as to say regular mindfulness practices can actually alter the brain to enhance positive traits like focus and decision making. So allowing ourselves time to focus on the present can give our brains the time it needs to unwind, un-think and de-stress.

Spotlight on CBD

Ready to welcome the blissful plant into your wellness routine? There’s no doubt CBD has become the industry’s wonder ingredient in recent years due to its impressive health benefits. According to studies, CBD can reduce chronic pain, restore healthy sleep cycles, treat symptoms of anxiety and even help aid those with PTSD. Beyond the glowing testimonials of individuals who successfully treated anxiety with CBD products, there is also growing scientific evidence to suggest CBD does produce pretty incredible health benefits. The plant-based product is available in a wide range of formats from topical balms in minimalist packaging to edible gummies, making incorporating it into your routine as easy as taking a daily multivitamin. Online retailers such as Aplhagreen’s, showcase a range of leading CBD wellness brands to make finding the right CBD product easy, informative and reliable, making them the go-to destination for all your CBD needs.

Stress Beating Yoga

Yes, we know, you hear about yoga all the time, but is it actually beneficial to help ease stress? The simple answer is yes! Focusing the mind on your body through the simple practice of yoga can have measurably positive results on insomnia, chronic stress, anxiety disorders and even PTSD. And the effects of yoga can have even more profound physical benefits. Practising yoga for just 30 minutes a day can increase blood flow, help maintain a strong posture and promote cardiovascular health. To enhance the physical benefits of yoga even further, apply Infinity CBD Salve Muscle Rub after your session. Infused with herbs and essential oils, the balm contains hard-working ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond and coconut oil to further ease body stress. So, take some time out from whatever lockdown life is throwing at you and move and stretch your body.

Skin Saviours

Give your skin the TLC it deserves and swap your skincare favourites for CBD infused products. Ideal for sensitised or irritated skin, cannabinoids are excellent for calming chronic skin conditions such as eczema, as well as balancing oily and congested complexions. In times of stress (e.g. most of the time), we should be reaching for these amazing compounds to ease aches, soothe stress and prolong your skin’s health. CBD of London’s Indian Gold Summer Glow Face Mask is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, brightening and improving the skin’s complexion, whilst also promoting skin radiance – it’s a must-have in a modern-day routine. Gentle but effective, CBD of London’s Active Vitamin Cleanser is laced with soothing CBD extracts and aloe vera to help fight acne and inflammation, say hello to rejuvenated skin!

Before Bed Rituals

This might seem indulgent, but giving yourself the time and space to wind down before bedtime, can help improve your sleep quality. Rituals such as podcasts or reading a book are great tools to add to your nightly routine. And if you fancy indulging further, a bath before bed is the perfect way to soothe your mind and body. Studies have even found that taking a 90-minute bath before bedtime adjusts your body’s core temperature, which helps your body fall asleep quicker and easier. Adding bath salts like Provacan’s CBD Bath Salts or even Kloris’ Luxe CBD Recharge Bath Bomb will nourish and rejuvenate your skin, giving you a spa-like treatment at home. You might not have 90 minutes spare but even a simple 10-minute soak can give you the time you need to just stop, for a little while at least.