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Seven words that best describes my 2013 so far

In the short time we have endured the year 2013, I have felt many ups and downs.

In the short time we have endured the year 2013, I have felt many ups and downs. I have decided to summarise my experiences in seven words, each of them chosen because they have had a significant impact on my life. 

I entered the new year in a pub in my hometown of Somerset with my group of close friends and my boyfriend and wouldn’t have changed anything. I am really happy at the moment—I have met some amazing new friends at uni and I still have my group of girls at home to go back to. I also feel very smug to have been to see my oldest and closest friend at her university in Exeter because before we could drive, I hardly ever got to see her.

I am a closet nerd. And I actually enjoy doing uni work. This probably makes me sound weird but I don’t think people can ever do the best they can if they don’t enjoy what they’re doing. So this year so far I have already started revising for my summer exams and I passed my shorthand exam at 60 words a minute.

This week alone I have already had two McDonald’s meals. Last week I had about three. And I’ve lost count of how many I have consumed in the two and bit months we have so far lived through of 2013. This would be because I am a classic lazy student with no self-control whatsoever. My justification is that I go to the gym, but I wouldn’t recommend this sort of logic at all.

People outside Staffordshire University will not be familiar with this term, but it is the on-campus nightclub that me and my friends go to pretty much every Wednesday and Friday night, give or take. As we are only a couple of months into 2013, I can say without too much embarrassment that this venue has played a significant role in my own personal year so far.

I have spent far too much time travelling on trains this year. Whether it is going to and from Bristol or up to Manchester, I still never enjoy the journey. Someone is always sitting in my space (don’t get me started) and the last time I was heading somewhere, a drunk man shouted at me for asking him to move from my purchased seat.

I could waste hours listening to all sorts of music. So far this year I have reintroduced myself to my love of Scouting for Girls and Fall Out Boy, but I’ve also been outed as a closet Abba, One Direction and Justin Bieber fan. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking different sorts of music- it just depends on what sort of mood a person is in.

I know it only took up a couple of weeks of the year, but those weeks have stuck out as the worst of the year so far. I hate the snow. And Stoke had it horrendously this year. Being from the South you don’t really see it in the same degree as you do up here. It settled for what felt like weeks and caused an inconvenience to my life. I also had my phone stolen around the same time so that just made everything worse. I was glad to see the back of the white stuff, hopefully for good.

To conclude, I hope that the rest of this year brings me a lot of excitement and happiness. I have 4 weeks of work experience in London to look forward to, finishing my university exams, 3 months of free time, 2 holidays abroad and moving into a new student house in September. I hope by the end of the year that I have 7 new words to describe my time, hopefully all positive.

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