Metail: Why this new site is oh so glamourous

Any girl growing up in the nineties can recall the feeling of jealousy upon witnessing Cher Horowitz’s stuff-of-dreams virtual outfit creator? Right!?

Any girl growing up in the nineties can recall the feeling of jealousy upon witnessing Cher Horowitz’s stuff-of-dreams virtual outfit creator? Right!? Well now Clueless fans can experience their own bit of Beverly Hills glamour with new website Metail. With the tagline #ShareYourCher this is one trend that appears to be causing a buzz amongst fashion fanatics everywhere. So does it really live up to the hype or does it simply leave us with even greater Cher-envy?

With an ever increasing need for an instantly gratifying shopping experience, it seems that co-founders Duncan Robertson and Tom Adeyoola are answering the wishes of many a fashion enthusiast.  In fact Robertson and Adeyoola were ahead of the curve, as they were already starting to develop software in 2008, long before this season’s nineties revival had us rifling through the depths of our wardrobes for old chokers, jelly sandals and crop tops (should they even still fit!?).

And if Iggy Azealea’s video for her single ‘Fancy’ is anything to go by, recreating the iconic film down to Cher and Dionne’s alternating plaid outfits, it appears this online retailer may have come to the market just in time.

The social style

So what is browsing the website actually like? Well finding the website couldn’t be easier and once you’re on there you’re met straight away with the clear directions to Create Your Cher. Following this you’re met with the option to try on and even share your creation with friends, encouraging customers to do this and enter a competition for £500 worth of merchandise.

Upon first looking at my options I saw the classic Clueless plaid ‘uniform’ and just had to give it a go. All I had to do first was enter my measurements- so far so good, very user friendly. Although some of the options were apparently not so successful with my measurements (see image of leather flippy skirt and white Peter Pan collar shirt).

You can even change your model to be brunette should you prefer less Cher-like. Then all you have to do is click Share Your Cher and send it via Facebook or email.

A shopping revolution

Similarly if you’d prefer to ditch the whole Cher Horowitz look all together it is now even possible to make your MeModel with a more conventional look (see image of floral pencil skirt and cream top and heels). Following this you have the option to purchase your outfit. The site really is revolutionising the way we shop and is the start of eliminating the hesitation consumers have with online buying, in that you are now able to test your outfit first.

Even though it is still very much in its early stages the site is already partnered with brands like Warehouse, IBM and Shopify, so obviously big things are on the horizon for this company. And the brand is obviously keen to invite more partners to invest in this rapidly growing business, as browsers are able to see the benefits of partnering with Metail.

So there it is and it couldn’t be easier. The site has already earned high acclaim with Vogue, The Times and even the Financial Times. Want someone else to organise your outfit and avoid the awkward ‘Mismatch!’ alert? Or find a way to share an outfit combination with in friends instantly? Then Metail might just be the perfect site!

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