For autumn style, it is all about the glamour

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Written by LittleAlice_x

There is a fine line between iconic and tacky. This thought occurred to me looking at a new season Chanel bag, similar in shape and size to the classic 2.55

There is a fine line between iconic and tacky. This thought occurred to me looking at a new season Chanel bag, similar in shape and size to the classic 2.55, but finished in in a baby pink gingham fabric and trimmed with ruffles.

Add to this the mammoth double C emblazoned padlock garishly taking centre stage and you have one Goldilocks-inspired fashion nightmare.

I’m all for self-expression however bold this may be through fashion, but who is buying this? This is a statement bag for the wrong reasons. Instead of enticing the viewer with its subtle beauty, it screams: “I cost waaay more than you could ever afford.”


C’est ne Pas à la Mode

These days, such showy materialism is frankly not fashionable. Even the big guys have cottoned on to that. So, just like true beauty, this season luxury is on the inside. It’s hidden fashion that is most desirable.

Let’s take a look at the autumn/winter catwalks. Christopher Kane lined his nylon parka with mink, while Anna Hindmarch’s supermarket-inspired carrier bag was made of python skin and lined with suede.

Suddenly mundane items have become beautiful; the focus is on the ordinary. Well, as ordinary as an Anya Hindmarch bag ornamented with the Shreddies cereal’s mascot, Tony (£1,350), or Donna Karen cashmere leggings (£455) can be.

That bubblegum pink Juicy Couture velour tracksuit? Out. Those Joseph suede-trimmed wool track pants? In. A pair of Gucci-print heels? Ugh, trade them for a pair of the brand’s calf hair sneakers instead. If it has the label written all over it, you are definitely missing the point.

The ultimate undercover luxury piece to emerge this season has to be La Perla’s 24-carat gold underwear. That’s right. 24-carat gold. The precious metal is handwoven in Italy and the result is a bra so light it should feel like wearing nothing at all.

A little disconcerting, perhaps, considering the bra and pant set could probably cover a small country’s debt. Do you think anyone has insured underwear before?

Everyday Luxuries

Realistically, not many of us will be wandering around this autumn with 24-carat bras or pure cashmere leggings on, but that doesn’t mean us ordinary folk can’t embrace the look of the moment.

The first way to approach this trend is to turn to a minimalist, tailored look. Neutral tones- grey, black, camel, white- always look chic and understated. Europeans are the masters of this style and when it comes to shopping, Zara is your new best friend. Pair oversized jackets and knitwear with tailored shirts and fitted trousers for a look oozing high-end elegance with not a designer label in sight.

However, if you are more of a bold dresser, try mixing casual and formal this autumn for a look that would make Anna Wintour proud. We’re talking chunky parkas over delicate dresses; bright trainers incongruously paired with everything.

When it comes to fashion, it is not the labels that make an outfit fashionable. Rather, it is the skillful way you individually put together a look that is all your own.

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