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Making your work look reflect your style

Written by meetalycia

The workplace is a tricky landscape for exploring unique fashion avenues and expressing your identity regarding your appearance. Clothes and appearance do not just affect the self-esteem but also the level of productivity in an individual.

However, nobody wants to dress up in a uniform, archetypal corporate manner every single day of the work week. For any working woman, the ability to express herself through her unique style statement can help alleviate her self-confidence. It can give her an edge over the rest of the crowd by boosting her productivity.

Every woman needs some basic tips and guidance to discover and create her own style statement when heading out to work.

This can be a challenge for most girls because the shift from vanilla or casual look to a more sophisticated yet minimalist guise takes a lot of planning, shopping and thinking ahead for every day.

Identify your workplace style setting

The first step in building your personalized work wardrobe is to create your looks in sync with the nature of your work and ensuring that you are dressed as per the general environment at the office.

Different organisations encourage different types of dress code. However, there are four main types as mandated by organizations, starting from business formal which is the highest level of professional dress followed by a business professional which requires employees to be neat and sophisticated in their attire.

The third and most common type of dress code in North America is business casual which is the type of dress code that is most flexible for individuals to inject their personalized identity and values into. The last and most fortunate option for employees is the casual dress code which allows freedom to experiment and make bold and out-of-the-box fashion choices.

For business casual and casual workplaces, you can opt for solid colors or pastel tones depending on your preference, checks and plaids, muted or neutral prints. Separate pieces of clothing can go a long way and additional layers such as black leather jackets, shrugs can add dimension and variety to your attire.

Most importantly, your dressing should reflect who you are as a person. Staying in your skin matters precisely because of this reason. The way you dress can emphasize whether you are a serious, ambitious, driven individual or a carefree, spirited, fun-loving person and so on.

Some organisations do not take offense to workers flaunting their tattoos, piercings, henna and showing more skin than usual at the office but generally, it is unadvisable since it is a deterrent to productivity.

Ensure that your dress, however, does not outshine or gloss over the work that you do, and this holds special relevance for lifestyle bloggers, fashionistas, and media personalities.

Plan your wardrobe instead of impulse buying

It is also essential to plan and invest wisely. If you are into skirts, then mix and match skirts and tops in solid colors, and if you are into power suits or classic dresses then planning ahead is always the best resort. This is important because then you can plan and put together an entire matched-up, synchronized look by buying everything at the right time from the right place. Stop impulse buying from thrift shops and brands that you generally do not prefer and sometimes end up buying at the spur of the moment.

It is essential to plan ahead when it comes to creating your wardrobe so that you can anticipate the sales at your favorite brands. It is also helpful to invest in basics such as a white cotton shirt, a formal black shirt, and dress pants and so on.

Accessorize to express your unique style statement

To stand out from the crowd, it is imperative to invest in accessories that compliment your dress sense such as buying cute, stud earrings to finish off a preppy, girly look or adding some color to an otherwise neutral wardrobe through a classy, vibrant-colored handbag.

Be sure to not wear jewelry which is too large, flashy or makes noise. Instead opt for statement necklaces, small pearls, and watches. Belts, scents, handbags, phone covers, key chains, socks, specs, laptop covers even form a part of your overall look and make sure it reflects your persona and identity.

Another integral part is the footwear, which also need not be blingy. There is a slight chance that you can experiment and take fashion risqué in your shoes. However, make sure you don’t wear something that is too uncomfortable or inconvenient for your feet and makes standing or walking around difficult for you.

Signature makeup look

You can create a signature, go-to makeup looks for everyday work mornings. Mattes and muted tones are always preferable for work, and can also add grace and charm to your personality. However, it is best to avoid bright and loud makeup.

Opt to follow a style icon or personality you identify most with

When you are at work, it is never a good idea to experiment with every new trend that turns up in the fashion magazine pages. If you want to be a follower, then you can follow style inspiration from your favorite style icons. Some celebrities that can make the cut include the ever-so-graceful Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson.

Make sure that whatever you wear suits and lifts up your personality. Ideally, your style statement at work should reflect your identity and portrays who you really are. It also adds to your narrative in life and shows your approach towards life.