Kate Moss for Topshop: Overrated and Underwhelming

After a four-year hiatus, Kate Moss has returned with her latest collection for Topshop.

After a four-year hiatus, Kate Moss has returned with her latest collection for Topshop. But unless you were there with your finger on the mouse and credit card at hand 9am sharp on launch day, I’m afraid you have probably missed it.

Not that you missed much.

Kate says her latest collection, which is her 15th for Topshop is designed with the average High Street shopper in mind. Er, what planet is she living on?!?!


Much of the design has a distinctly 70s feel to it, with Cowboy-style fringing and tunic tops taking precedence.  Granted, Chanel was all over cowboy chic last December, but really, is Kate’s branch of boho chic all that fashionable? While the gold beaded fringe jacket (£225) is fabulous, certain pieces such as the embroidered smock dress (£85) and the paisley print sundress (£65) are really very average.

There definitely seems to be a lack of an overarching theme here too. Amongst the western-inspired pieces is a hodgepodge of garments, such as the bizarre floral pajama blouse (£50), a contemporary satin playsuit (£75) and an off-shoulder, feather dress that definitely belongs in the late 90s/ early 00s (£130). Basically, Kate has just opened up her own wardrobe and picked some of her favourite pieces before shamelessly imitating them and slapping on a Kate Moss label.

Poor effort, Kate.

Another big problem with the collection is it just isn’t practical. Virtually none of the pieces are designed with every day in mind. For example, Kate says the feather dress would be perfect for drinks in Claridges. Thanks, Kate – I was thinking my collection of Claridges-worthy attire needed refreshing.

Some of the dresses really are rather fabulous but I can’t see a place for them in the typical woman’s wardrobe. The more expensive formal gowns are lacking something to make them special enough for a prom or a wedding, yet they are not suitable for anything less dressy. These latest designs may have looked spectacular on her model friends, such as Cara Delevingne, but I doubt they will take off with ordinary woman.


Here is my main issue with the collection- the price is ridiculous. The cheapest item is a skinny chiffon scarf for £45, while the dearest is a splice skirt maxi dress for £350. Remember your claim that this was for the typical shopper, Kate? The fact that much of the collection is being stocked on designer site Net-A-Porter suggests the clothing line is really not made for your average High Street goer at all.

For me, it is not so much the cost but that the clothes really don’t justify the prices. If we compare it to H&M’s latest Conscious limited edition collection, Kate really comes up short. One of the most expensive items in H&M’s Conscious lookbook was £150 and this was for an exquisite black high-low, full-skirted dress in a delectable jacquard print.

Other items cost as little as £29.99 and were much more wearable than anything Kate has produced.

However, if you did really like the Kate Moss for Topshop collection, the only place you’ll find it now is on eBay. This is where the prices go from ridiculous to absolutely insane. A jacket with the RRP of £225 is being offered up on the site for £569. That’s more than double the original price. Yet people seem to be paying it.

Overrated and Underwhelming

While this could have been a spectacular return to the High Street, instead the Kate Moss for Topshop line is more of an elitist status symbol than a collection with real style credentials.

If you are looking for an exclusive fashion line that really is special, I advise you turn to H&M instead.

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