JK Rowling’s “Casual Vacancy” and “Very Good Lives” reviewed (VIDEO)

Kettle’s Books editor Emma Jones and former Books Editor, Karishma Jobanputra sat down recently to read 2 of J K Rowling’s recent literary offerrings: “Casual Vacancy” and “Very Good Lives”.

In Kettle’s new video book review format, they give an insight into the texts and chat about Rowling’s writing style, story-telling mastery and her latest role as a motivational speaker at Harvard University.

Watch their review, then go out, grab a copy, see what you think and post your star rating in the comments below.


Casual Vacancy and Very Good Lives, reviewed



Foyles have both Very Good Lives and Casual Vacancy in stock.

Here is the full speech that J K Rowling made to Harvard – it’s pretty powerful stuff, well worth a watch.