It’s great to be a woman…sometimes

Why it's great to be a woman...sometimes; Naomi Duffree, Kettle Mag
Written by Naomi

It is coming to the end of Women’s Season at Kettle and women have been celebrated in many fields. But what is it that we personally enjoy about being a woman…and what do we not? Here are a list of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ reasons why in 2015 here in the UK, it is great being a woman …and a few of reasons, as to why it isn’t.


  1. We reach our sexual peak in our 30s…while men do so at 18. Mmh …That seems a good argument for toyboys…but that’s a whole new article.
  2. Carrying a little person in your body for nine months is pretty cool. Admittedly getting it out may not be so much fun but that just adds to the admiration of what you’ve achieved.


  1. We are entertained by certain men in pubs who find it extraordinary that women actually watch football. Oh how we laugh.


  1. The off-side rule has become so abstract that not even some of these men can explain it now.


  1. We have been allowed to become connoisseurs on wine. Waiters actually ask us to try the wine when we eat out. Ok, that probably says more about our alcohol consumption than our ability to know if it’s corked, but ‘Boom!’ all the same.


  1. Salesmen who ring up don’t ask to speak to the man of the house…or if they do, it’s only the once.


  1. We smell better. I mean, we have a keener sense of smell than men…but let’s face it we do smell better.
  2. We can breast feed in public without anyone being bothered. Jokes. But we are good at making wishes.

We know the drill

  1. We can go into a DIY store and pick up a drill without someone phoning the police. Although that did actually happen to a friend of mine in years gone by. I don’t think it helped that she hadn’t paid for it.

  1. We have an excuse to raid the chocolate stock that remains hidden away for most of the month. Do not stand in the way of this. We have excuses for damage inflicted on people who stand in the way too. And we can buy drills.

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