Instagram: Unapologetically bribing us into buying clothes

Written by milfinn

Look at your favourite online stores on Instagram; you’re hit with the newest and best gingham patterns, pastel coloured jackets with matching satchels, embroidered loafers, summer trends and the next unignorable additions to your wardrobe. But have we actually just become immune to what our thumb scrolls us to on our timelines?

There is in fact inspirational quotes and unbelievably relatable memes left, right and centre. Our choice of online clothing stores has fast become about a lot more than what the clothes we put on our back look like…



‘Hope Is Seeing My Generation Not Having Any Stereotypes Because They Have So Many More Role Models Who Broke Glass Ceilings For Us’.

In this day and age, is there anyone who doesn’t jump on every bandwagon? (Although, I must say that International Women’s Day is a bandwagon we must jump on and cling to for dear life everyday). The holiday came about again last month and your favourite store for free returns and next day delivery was there representing women and the power they hold. The dedicated post was wedged in between a post of a lemon laced dress and a catwalk video of the newest white embroidered shirt subtly letting us know that ASOS represents girl power too.



‘Mood: Going to complain about every single thing until it’s summer’

Sometimes what really gets us through the Mondayest Monday ever is a relatable meme, a quote that says everything we didn’t realise we’d already been thinking this whole time, a supportive Instagram post from our favourite online store. Boohoo makes a habit of this with posts that not only make typing ‘LOL’ actually true for once, but that also give you the right type of feeling for a spontaneous splurge. The quote sits just a few posts away from a palm tree backdrop with the sun shining through and a short scroll from a glance at their newest must-have festival jacket so, with all this combined, I know where I want most of my summer wardrobe to come from…


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‘Fashion Is The Armour That Lets You Survive Day-To-Day Reality’

Whilst colourful snaps of the latest glittery festival attire have me itching towards my credit card within seconds, nothing works more than an inspirational quote reminding you why you love the way clothes make you feel. It’s so much more than how your new dress will look under your favourite filter; it’s about the difference your outfit makes to your day. The disappointing news of an employer sending home a female worker for refusing to wear heels is softened with how your favourite pair of high waist flares make you feel in the office, along with the lipstick that never fails to really finish an outfit.


With Instagram accounts like these constantly reminding us of what’s good in the world, they give the reasons to stay inspired, and post memes that push us to live the ‘glass half full’ life at the same time as making us feel okay with the below applying perfectly to our lives too…


The lazy life chose me 

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