The ultimate fashion guide for your trip to Italy

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Written by Marie Nieves

If you are traveling to Italy, you need to mind your clothing habits. This is the country of fashion, which means you probably shouldn’t roam around wearing rags because people will notice.

No need for spending a fortune renewing your wardrobe though; however, it would be nice if you get some information and manage not to stand out from the crowd.


One of the most common fashion mistakes we make is not accessorizing. We all want to look nice and dress well, but sometimes we just forget about accessories or we are too lazy to use them.

Feel free to bring all kinds of jewelry to your trip to Italy. It is small, so it’ll easily fit in your luggage and Italians love accessories! With an amazing chunky necklace or big earrings, your outfit will be much more interesting.

Scarves are also a must, they are a symbol of style. Plus, they can be very useful when sightseeing since you will be obliged to cover your shoulders when entering a church, especially when visiting the Vatican.


This is a very important issue. As we all know, Italy is famous for the finest craftsmanship of leather shoes. This means you need to choose your shoes very carefully.

Flip-flops are a big no-no unless you are going to the beach. Heels are definitely the best choice if you want to be stylish. However, since exciting cruises in Italy are very popular and the cities are all about cobbled stone streets, a more comfortable option is wearing wedges or flat sandals, for example. They are also stylish, but they will not make your feet hate you.

Plus, cruises are a great opportunity for you to show off your chic sunglasses.



The choice of bags is one of the biggest problems of being fashionable while being a tourist. We carry so many bags with us and so many things we need.

A bag for money and passport, a separate bag for food and snacks, another one for cameras, phones, and chargers. It is hard to adjust any style to this bag horror. That is why it’s a good idea to set aside some money before your trip and buy a big stylish bag in Italy.

Put all your things in the bag, just make sure it has a zipper so you can still be protected from potential pickpockets. A bag bought in Italy will make you feel beautiful and very stylish while walking down the streets of Italian cities and it will also be a wonderful reminder of your trip later on.

Avoid Knockoffs

I don’t know about you, but I was never a fan of these. Some people cannot resist buying a knockoff and having almost the same thing as if they had spent half of their life savings on one item. It makes them feel great. When it comes to me, this is not the case. I don’t feel proud and happy having a knockoff; I feel like a cheater. It is always better to buy an item that doesn’t come from an expensive designer than a knockoff. In addition, fines for owning a knockoff can go up to ten thousand euros, so is it really worth it?

Regardless of your fashion preferences and your choice of outfit, you will have a great time in Italy. Of course, you can wear what you want and nobody will judge you for that except in holy places. This breath-taking country is full of beautiful churches where your shoulders and knees need to be covered in order for you to get inside, so adapt your fashion selection accordingly.