Improving driver behaviour to avoid car crashes 

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Reported by United Kingdom Department of Transport traffic accidents have decreased in 2015. Still, there have been 162.000 injuries and 1. 730 deaths caused by a traffic accident in the UK in 2015. Automotive accidents are avoidable most of the time and within the past few years, there were many improvements in the automotive industry to increase the safety of vehicle drivers. Additional vehicle accessories such as GPS tracking devices offer historical route data and provide you with a way for analysing and improving your driving behaviour. 


There are many actions individuals can take to avoid having a car accident. Even though the potential risk of a car accident raises with each and every additional passenger, for some reason you may find yourself in a situation with 3 or 4 passengers on your car. If you are a new car owner and new to the streets, it is advisable to limit the number of passengers no matter what. Concentration is the key for an optimal driving mood and having passengers may distract you. Looking away from the road in front of you often results in an accident.

Distracted driving is one of the major reasons for accidents and there is absolutely no valid reason for talking or texting on a phone while you're driving a car. Using smartphones is extremely distracting and most of the teen drivers have the urge to look at their phone while driving. If you do not have a hands-free device, you'll have to check out the phone to call numbers and this can be dangerous. Even with a hands-free phone setup, you will be chatting, which will draw attention away from your main objective; driving. Put the mobile phone aside and focus on driving, and be sure it is shut off so you don’t have the impulse to answer it when it rings while you’re on the road.

Drunk driving

By driving drunk you are basically risking other people’s lives for your own amusement, this is not a respected behaviour. If you are caught drunk driving your car in traffic in the United Kingdom, you will be punished by the government without a doubt.  Not only will you have a big ticket to pay, you might even end up going to jail and getting your vehicle impounded. Your driver's license is going to be suspended for at least twelve months maybe even more, decided by the law. If you are drinking alcohol, you do not have the same response time and capabilities that you have when you are alcohol-free, and that also includes the ability to drive a car properly. Your mind and reasoning are weakened, and your eyesight might not be the best either. So many people are unnecessarily injured or killed every year while drunk driving in the united kingdom. Don’t be a statistic.

If you are travelling too fast, you must realise that you’re jeopardising yours and others’ lives. For starters, if something comes up and you have to stop instantly, odds are that you are not going to be able to. What happens if a child was to run out on the road in front of you and you have been going too fast? Would you be capable of decelerating enough, and even stop, so that you don’t hit the child? If you're driving your car in the limits given on the roads signs you will not have this concern, since you will be driving a speed which makes it easy to stop quickly whenever necessary. It is not just people on the streets you need to worry about sometimes either. Another car driver might not be being attentive or distracted driving and run a stop sign, you need to be going slowly enough so that you can respond in time and avoid an accident.


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GPS Tracking devices are often mistaken for solely security devices. In fact, a smart GPS Tracking software provides reports for route history, harsh speeding, cornering or braking as well as warnings and notifications for these events sent as an SMS or email. Tracking devices store up to 6 months data for route history, braking, idling, sudden acceleration and much more. This data could help in your mission to analyse and improve your general driving behaviour. Businesses with vehicle fleets can discover their drivers' routine and behaviour, so they can instruct them for further instruction to improve their driving behaviour. Imagine a world where all the drivers have a mindset focused on avoiding accidents, instead of arriving somewhere quickly.  

Safe Driving!