5 essentials for that wonderful winter wardrobe

Winter fashion
Written by alexwright

2020 was full of ups and downs, happiness and stress and all sorts of complications. But during the disrupt through lockdown, I personally found my style… my confidence. This winter has allowed me to style my way through the coldness. In time of reflection I have found my five staples to a beautiful winter wardrobe. Oh and even better at an affordable price, which is beneficial in times like these.

Don’t get me wrong this style is not for everyone but that’s the sensational thing about fashion. It’s versatile. We can adapt and tailor all items to fit are unique fashion, if we all have an open-mind.

Now let’s get into it… the 5 essentials for that wonderful winter wardrobe that you’ve always wanted. To recreate that photo that you gazed at so much on Pinterest or even TikTok as we are all obsessed with it undoubtably.

Knitted/Sweater Vests

One of the major comebacks of this year. I’m obsessed !! And so you should be too. Available in a range of colours and patterns , a way of expressing your own style. I love them. Whether it’s worn over a white shirt with mum jeans, or a shirt dress and boots, or tucked into  your cutest skirt… it’s a winner all the way. Dress up Dress down it’s up to you. Cute and warm. What more could you want. Add a gold for light academia look, a Pinterest worthy in my eyes.

Leather Blazer

We all love a bit of leather whether that be in boots, bags, trousers or tops! It’s a winner all year round. Personally, I’m a pleather girl much more sustainable and cheaper !! Leather used to be such a staple in wardrobes, if we take a look back at shows like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Gilmore Girl leather jackets/ blazers were all the range. 2020 seems to be a year of re-living, not only with family but with clothes too! Some may think to straight to the leather jackets of rock bands and omg yesss !! A good leather jacket is simple and effective for your wardrobe. But the latest fashion of leather blazers and shirts is all the popular at the moment. Style in your own Style. Simply with a top and jeans, over a dress for a fancy dinner or even as a matching suit with your best pleather trousers, you can’t go wrong.

Oversized Blazer

Blazers are my personal fave for this magical time of the year. In last years blazers are not commonly associated  with casual and cute outfits. However now they can be worn anywhere. A simple oversized blazer with jeans and a top or over a dress, or with the powerful mixture of a full suit is a beautiful thing. Woman independence I say. Oversized blazers transform a simple outfit into an breathtakingly glamorous outfit, ready for any occasion.

Mum Jeans

Once again we see old trends re-appear on the market. Skinny Jeans seem to be a thing of the last with mum jeans striving in first place. I understand the rage! They can be dressed up with heels and a blazer or dressed down with a top,trainers and coat. They are such a staple and are available in high end stores to your local Primark and Zara. They seriously go with everything, everyone must give them a try, let’s all promise. They are truly amazing and suitable for all shapes and sizes, I’ve never felt more comfortable in a style of jeans before.

Black Boots

Truly the perfect shoe for the perfect winter. You just can’t go wrong! From Chelsea boots to Knee high boots there are some available for everyone. I love to wear my black ankle boots with mom jeans and a knitted jumper, or with a dress and blazer to spice up my outfit. Amazing for everyday where and night wear to even going on that magical winter walk with those you love. Such a staple. A must have from me.

There we go 5 essentials for your wonderful winter wardrobe. Fashion is not for everyone but we can also use it to express are true selves. Why not try it? It’s not as scary to jump outside your comfort zone as you think… as long as you’re confident… who else has the right to judge?