How to get your car ready for a MOT data check 

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

After three long years slogging it on the roads, cars need a check up both by law and because they’re more prone to faults after years of usage. The MOT test was introduced in 1960 by The Ministry of Transport to combat the wear and tear of motors, and was created with the aim of keeping cars functional and their drivers safe too.   

Consequently, cruising the roads in a vehicle that is without a valid MOT check is a serious hazard. After all, cars that haven’t been looked over pose a risk to both the driver and fellow road users within that vehicles proximity. Therefore, it’s vital that every motor is MOT ready, and you can get support in doing this to ensure everything is in good shape. 

Nevertheless, here’s how to get your car ready for that essential MOT Data Check!

Test your Brakes!

Obviously, it’s incredibly important that your car can stop! Even then, that’s not always good enough either. Your motor must have only the crispest of breaks, with no stiffness in the pedal or delay in the action. As soon as your foot is down, your car should heed your demand without a moments hesitation. 

Test your Headlights!

Your headlights are an essential piece of your car. Those misty nights on country roads are when they’re needed most, so you must flick them on and off to ensure that they switch on and stay on. Moreover, the beam itself needs to be big and bright so that other cars can see you on the road, and so you can see the road too! Ultimately, visibility is a big part of driving safely! 

Clear Number Plate

There’s no way around it, covering your number plate is a serious criminal offence than can lend you in some hot waters. Your car is unique to you because of those digits, and if you conceal them then you are also concealing part of your identity. Fellow drivers and the authorities need to know who you are, especially if you are caught speeding or are involved in any other criminal road activities. 

Honk your Horn!

Contrary to popular belief, horns aren’t there to blare when traffic in London is at it’s usual rush hour standstill. When you’re winding down a country road and a sharp corner or high bridge is looming your way, you need to be able to honk your horn so that oncoming cars that can’t see you know you’re coming. If your horn doesn’t work, fellow road users won’t be aware of your presence, and a crash is more likely to occur. 

The List Goes On

Indicators, tires, rear view mirrors and even the overall cleanliness of your car need to be in good condition to pass the MOT test. Anything that you think will affect the driveability and safety of your car will be tested! Make certain they’re all in good shape, and happy driving!