Home vs. gym workouts – which should you choose?

home workout
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Improving fitness and getting healthy seems to be high up on everyone’s priority list these days. The question is, is it better to workout at home or hit the gym? There are many personal factors and individual preferences that affect the answer to this question. Some people love the gym, some people prefer to workout in their living room. 

If you aren’t sure which one is for you, continue reading.

The Basics

It sounds obvious but choosing to workout at home means you don’t have to leave the house! If you find that you struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym, this could be the better option for you. There are thousands of videos on YouTube ranging in skill level and exercise type for you to utilise.  A consideration that has become more important for people since the pandemic is germs. Working out at home means fewer germs. You don’t have to worry about gym staff not wiping down equipment properly.

The gym obviously has better equipment, and that is its biggest perk. You have access to everything you need without handing over all your hard-earned cash. In addition to all the equipment, they also often have classes that you can sign up for – sometimes at no extra cost. Choosing to go to the gym does mean that you will likely get a more well-rounded workout that you wouldn’t necessarily get at home. If you struggle with motivation or simply do not know what to do to get your desired results, you can hire a personal trainer at the gym.

Whether you choose to workout at home or in the gym, wearing the proper attire is crucial for success. Do you have the proper gym gear? This is especially true for women, as finding your perfect collection of sports bras can make or break a workout. The Gym King has a vast range of gym clothes for men and women. Research has shown that wearing the right clothes for tasks can affect the success of that task.


Choosing to workout at home is the cheaper alternative. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership which can often be expensive, and you also save money on the transportation cost it would cost you to get to and from the gym. Some people choose to save the money they would have spent on membership and invest in some necessary equipment of their own.

Gym memberships do cost, but there are gyms at both ends of the price range, so there is always an affordable option. Some gym memberships allow you access to a whole host of other activities too, such as classes, the pool, or the spa facilities. It’s a choice. If you feel you would get your money’s worth, then that’s up to you.

People and Pressure 

Being surrounded by fitness gurus at the gym can be intimidating and make you feel more self-conscious about your body or techniques. Working out at home removes this possibility. You don’t need to worry about what others think of you, and you can just get on with it. Choosing to workout at home means that there will obviously be no queues, you don’t have to wait for anyone to finish with a piece of equipment.

On the flip side, working out at the gym can motivate some people and have a positive effect. Seeing what other people are capable of can spur you on. It can be a social experience too; you may find that you make friends, and they help to motivate you and keep you on track. Exercising at home can be isolating; going to the gym puts you in a place with like-minded people working towards a similar goal. This can help you retain your focus.


There are distractions both at home and at the gym, which needs to be considered when trying to decide which is right for you. Working out at home can lead to distractions if you are prone to getting side-tracked by other things. Are you likely to end up tackling chores or watching TV instead of finishing your workout?  These distractions do also exist in the gym, but they more so tend to be other people. Are you easily influenced? If your gym buddy suggests skipping the workout to use the spa instead, are you likely to follow their lead? In terms of distractions, it can be a case of picking your poison. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you should workout at home or join a gym really boils down to personal preference and budget. If you are driven and self-motivated, working out at home would be a good option, although you may prefer the social aspects at the gym. If you find that working out at home has too many distractions, then the gym may be a better option, although you may not like the atmosphere at the gym, in which case there are things you can do to motivate yourself to workout at home.